Top 10 Fashion Videos of All Time ...


The latest trend and craze from your favourite designers and brands are hitting the webosphere in the form of the fashion video. Whether it’s an ad campaign or new collaboration, fashion videos have taken over the web and gone media viral. From strong visual concepts and catchy soundtracks to gorgeous models and star-studded celebrity appearances, these are the top 10 fashion videos of all time.

1. CK One

Arguably one of the best fashion commercials of all time, this 1995 CK One video had a lot going on for it. For one it was launched by one of the hottest brands of the 90s, Calvin Klein, and featured one of the largest supermodels still known today, Kate Moss. The video is also promoting the first and most successful of its kind, the CK One unisex fragrance. Looking back it’s safe to say this fashion video was the first of it’s kind and paved the way for future films to come.

Lanvin Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 Ad Campaign
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