Top 7 Winter 2011 Fashion Essentials ...

As the summer draws to an end and the first autumn’s breezes are felt, it is time to look into putting together a wardrobe for the winter. The catwalk shows for Winter 2011 revealed a number of fun and exciting trends for the season, many of which can be recreated relatively inexpensively by savvy shoppers. Daytime's winter wardrobes should be warm and practical, while the evenings are likely to be a whirl of socialising, allowing fans of fashion to indulge their sense of winter whimsy.

Key Trends for Winter 2011
If you want an up to date wardrobe this winter then why not consider incorporating some of the following items and themes into your personal style:

1. Denim Jackets

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The 80s’ essential is making a comeback this winter, making a great go to layer for casual wear. Look for fur lined, or biker versions if you want to be on trend. Start trawling the second hand store now if you want to get a bargain before the crowd catches on.

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