8 Fashion Colors for Fall 2011 ...

By Jordin

8 Fashion Colors for Fall 2011 ...

Fashion Colors For Fall 2011 are so gorgeous! I love fall fashion and one of the main reasons is because you get to play with such rich, deep and fun colors. Fashion colors for fall are very sophisticated and chic. Are you ready to be inspired? I think you'll love this selection of fashion colors for fall. Keep on reading for a lovely selection of fashion colors for fall! You're sure to get some great outfit palette ideas!

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Teal is my all-time favorite fashion color for fall and it's so hot right now. Teal is versatile and sophisticated, yet fun at the same time. I just bought a lovely teal scarf, and I'm shocked by how many ways I've been able to wear it already this fall! Invest in a few teal-colored pieces and you'll be glad you did!



Burgundy is one of the most popular fashion colors for fall 2011. I've already seen it modeled on many celebrities! Burgundy is ideal for cosmetic colors-think nails, lips and blushes. I've already been experimenting in that area myself and found so many pretty looks for fall!


Metallic Silver

One of the hottest fashion colors for fall 2011 is metallic silver! I've been noticing flashes of it everywhere, from store displays, to ads, to girls walking through the mall! It's going to be eye catching if you pick up a bag or a pair of flats in metallic silver. Feeling bold? Go for a tank and pair it with a leather bomber jacket. You'll be rockin'!


Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is one of those fashion colors for fall that you have to be brave to try out, but always try it at least once. You'll love the chance to try something new! If your skin doesn't go well with those tone, steer clear of scarves, jackets or dresses in this shade. Instead, opt for shoes, leggings or a bag in mustard!


Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is a fashion color for fall in which you can never go wrong! Just be careful not to go chocolate brown head to toe. You don't want to be drab! However, a chocolate brown dress, coat or boots are going to be absolutely lovely for this fall, so invest in one of those pieces.

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Navy Blue

Navy blue-one of the best known fashion colors for fall! However....try it in a new and fresh way! Wear a cream shirt with a gray pencil skirt and throw a navy blue scarf and pumps on! The navy blue pumps and scarf will pop against your neutral background and you will look very chic!



One of my favorite fashion colors for fall is bronze! There are so many options with bronze but to be honest, I almost always stick with bronze for my basic foundation. You always need boots, flats, bags and jackets for fall so I tend to grab those in bronze. That way, they work with my black and brown based outfits!


Poppy Red

I know, poppy red doesn't seem like typical fashion color for fall! But trust me when I say it's beautiful! I love a bright red scarf paired with a brown blazer. So inspiring! You can also dress up a basic white long-sleeved shirt with a pretty red scarf or belt.

Now you see that Fashion Colors For Fall are more than just fun-they are inspiring and so perfect! If you are hesitant to play with color too much and tend to stick with basic blacks, browns and neutrals, then don't let these fashion colors for fall scare you away. You can incorporate these fashion colors for fall into your wardrobe in small ways, such as a scarf, a pair of heels, or a bag. You'll see how much fun it can be playing with these fashion colors for fall if you give it a shot!

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