7 Trends I Find a Bit over the Top ...

Over the top trends are with us this summer, and boy, oh boy, the more I try to go with the flow and instantly like everything, the surer I am it’s just not going to work. Too much of this, too little of that, it seems like the most popular summer trends this year all have at least one thing in common – neon! But hey, I don’t plan on stopping there! Here are a few more over the top trends you either won’t see me rocking this summer or seem somehow wrong, for some reason or another.

1. Heavily Printed Tights

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First on my list of over the top trends I plan on casually ignoring are, of course, those overprinted tights a.k.a probably the only garment in this world able to highlight every flaw and give you a serious case of migraine all at the same time. Seriously, you guys, one has to be super hot in order for these to fit right and I’m not only talking perfect bum but perfect legs too – ruler straight, well defined, Victoria’s Secret material.

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