7 Trends That Are over and out This Year ...

By Kati

7 Trends That Are over and out This Year ...

We learnt all about this season's news trends this past week – but we also learnt the trends that are over. I mean, nobody wants to get caught in something out-of-date, and knowing that you are rocking the latest looks is a sure-fire way to boost your confidence. So while the shows were telling us that gold is the new black and braids totally can be worn by grown-ups, here are the trends that are over, too.

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1 Ankle-breaking Heels…

Ankle-breaking Heels… Yes, one of the first trends that are over is the super-high heel. Even Victoria Beckham chose to leave her skyscrapers at home for a pair of comfy flats this year, and that marks a serious change in shoe attitude. It doesn’t mean that you need to throw away all your heels, though. Just get rid of the ones that are so high that they put a lot of pressure on your ankles, giving you a really unattractive calf look. Not hot.

2 Lingerie as Outerwear…

Lingerie as Outerwear… What did you think of the lingerie as outerwear trend? While some celebs looked amazing rocking something a little risqué with an otherwise casual or professional outfit – a black bustier and black pencil skirt made a super hot night out look – others took us far too far into their bedrooms. I think we’ve all seen most of Miley’s lingerie drawer by now, for example! Lingerie as outwear is definitely dying, unless it’s done really cute.

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3 Costume Crazy…

Costume Crazy… With Lady Gaga came a love for everything costume, from costume jewelry to fancy-dress accessories and garish make-up. It’s no wonder that people embraced the look after Gaga looked so good! Gaga has gone understated herself, in her own way, and the trend is going the same way. Grab the hair dye remover – subtle is better.

4 UGGs…

UGGs… Okay, so this one will probably prove controversial. While UGGs have been big on the fashion front for the past few years, this year they have been replaced with more formal boots. From lumberjack-inspired boots with eyelet detailing to fur-filled heels, snow boots are going upper class.

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5 Thin Leggings…

Thin Leggings… It seems just about everyone has spoken out about women wearing thin black leggings as trousers. It’s not the look itself that’s the problem, it’s the fact that the leggings are rarely good enough quality to keep their colour once you’ve got them on, which means everyone around you can see your underwear. And if you’re not wearing underwear, which a surprising number of people don’t seem to do, you’re giving everyone a not-so-secret peep show. And you should definitely stay away from up escalators!

6 Spandex…

Spandex… Similar to the above, spandex is also on its way out. Let's face it, spandex flatters no-one, and it comes in some really unattractive styles. Camouflage spandex pants, for example, should have been left in the '90s. They were ultra fun when TLC and Destiny’s Child were singing about independence and survival, but in chic 2014, they aren’t a good look.

7 Peplums…

Peplums… This is definitely one of those trends that are over but no-one is quite ready to let go of. We’ve all collected so much peplum, from skirts and dresses to trousers and tops, that we want to get maximum wear from them before the look is over for good. It’s not hugely flattering, though, and it can be damn uncomfortable. It’s not a great trend for the hotter weather, either. Throw them away!

Other trends that are over? Christos Garkinos, co-owner of the Decades consignment store, caused a stir by proclaiming t-shirts would be gone by this time next year. Do you agree with all of these trends that are over? What do you think will die out next?

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I will still be wearing my leggings even they will say its already out of fashion. I will wear whatever I feel comfortable with.

I don't follow "trends" and I think every pair of UGGS on the planet should be burned!!! They are THE UGLIEST thing ever invented! And don't tell me "but they're so comfy"... A variety of other footwear is comfy too!!!

I agree with everything except leggings, as long as you top is long enough & the legging color is still up to standard. Other than that let move on people! Bring on the new stuff uggs went out of style in 2009.

Uggs and leggings are definitely still in and they won't be going out any time soon

Don't care too much about the trends. Just focus on your style and comfort. At least, that's what I think.

I disagree with this list too :P

I love my peplums and I am not throwing them out so soon

I never understand why people follow trends. You buy a shirt, it's trendy for six months and then when it's out of style, it's a faux pas to wear. Lol whatever makes me look cute, sexy, and confident I'll wear

who says peplums are out of style? didn'tJennifer Lawrence wear it at the Oscars

I like wearing whatever makes me feel comfortable and I don't believe leggings are bad (although, if they're too thin, it can get annoying). Also, UGGs look nice sometimes, but I most definitely do not feel comfortable in them and they are horrible when it comes to contact with snow and/or simply walking since the soles are such bad support for the feet.

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