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7 Old Trends That Are New Again ...

By Eliza

I’m a writer so I read a lot! Magazines, websites, newspapers, books – nothing is off limits. I get my ideas and do my research everywhere. That means that sometimes I come across something that sort of blows me away. Reading the most recent issue of a popular beauty magazine, I stumbled across a trend that I had hoped to never see again. Have I got your interest? Read on to see which one it is. There are lots of old trends that are new again, some of them great and some of them that are better left hidden in the past. Check out these old trends that are coming back into style and let me know what you think about them.

1 Tight Rolling

Tight Rolling If you were a kid in the late 1980s or early 1990s, you probably remember this trend very well. This is the one I’m talking about! I almost had a heart attack when I saw that – who ever would have thought this horrendous trend would become new again? It’s being recommended as a way to wear jeans with heels. Fold the edge over, roll a couple of times and you get a skinny jean sort of look. As for me – I’ll just stick with skinny jeans and never again roll my jeans – ever.

2 Knee Socks

Knee Socks What do you think of knee socks? For me, they are sort of a creepy little girl thing that is just weird. They look adorable on my eight year old niece, but on a grown woman? I’m not so sure. There was a time when knee socks were perfectly acceptable for teen girls, but with the raunchy outfits and borderline pedophile feel of the way knee socks are worn today, I’m not so sure this is a trend that should be back.

3 Neon Colors

Neon Colors Now, here’s an old trend that I can get behind. I used to love my closet full of neon colors back when I was in junior high school. Didn’t you? The neon trend is back, but in a modern way. You’ll see neon colors on clothing that has a “today” cut and feel. I have the best pair of neon pink running shoes! What are your neon indulgences these days?

4 Mini Skirts

Mini Skirts Short hemlines have waxed and waned in popularity since way back in the 1920s when women stopped wearing so much fabric on their bodies. Remember rolling the edge of your jean skirt to make it look shorter? Short skirts and short hemlines on dresses are coming back into vogue and will probably do so on and off as long as we live. Do you wear mini skirts?

5 Acid Wash

Acid Wash I have seen many teens wearing acid wash jeans in the last few months. While they aren’t the balloon or pleated versions of our youth, they look very similar to those that we wore many years ago. When acid wash is done on a modern garment, it really doesn’t look that bad. I’m not sure I want to revisit the trend, but when I see it, I think it works. It would be fun to tell those teens that they aren’t doing anything new though, wouldn’t it?

6 Huge Earrings

Huge Earrings I used to own so many huge pairs of earrings, in neon colors no less. Big earrings might have gone out of style for a few years, but they are definitely making a comeback. Big earrings work with many hairstyles and outfits so it’s no surprise that big pairs are all over store shelves once again. How big would you go?

7 High Waists

High Waists High waisted pants were a thing during the 1970s, but you won’t find any shortage of them in store shelves these days. You can find pants with a high waist, but you’ll also see skirts and swimsuits with this style. The upside here is that the days of seeing other people’s butt cracks may be coming to a much needed end now that low waist pants are no longer “cool.”

Which old fashion do you wish would come back around? I sort of love the cute dresses that women wore in the 1950s. Which trend do you never want to see again?

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