7 Fun Fashion Labels That Don't Take Things Too Seriously ...

By Sophia

7 Fun Fashion Labels That Don't Take Things Too Seriously ...

The most fun fashion labels are the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously. From pop culture parodies to tongue-in-cheek fashion, plenty of labels are lightening and brightening up the mood with their designs. If you prefer your fashion on the lighthearted side of things, these days you’ll find a range of designer and boutique labels full of quirky and kitsch charm. Check out my list of fun fashion labels that don’t seem to take things too seriously.

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1 Moschino

Moschino Kicking off our list of fun fashion labels is Moschino, which has long had a reputation for its quirky, colourful, and eccentric designs. Jeremy Scott was recently appointed creative director for the brand and his debut collection, which showed at Milan Fashion Week, featured fast food motifs plastered over clothes and accessories. It was an over-the-top introduction for the designer but one that definitely got tongues wagging.

2 Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott Jeremy Scott is an American fashion designer and has his own namesake label. His designs have gained a reputation as being outlandish, with pop culture references and elements of humour often appearing in his collections. The overall aesthetic of the brand is brash and bold, which is great if you want to make a fun statement with your fashion choices.

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3 Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born This Australian fashion label consistently designs clothes that are kooky and colourful. They’re not afraid of excess and their designs regularly embrace bold prints, embellishments, and colour. In the past they’ve teamed up with Marvel Comics to release a comic book inspired collection, and they’ve recently released a collection with designs that can only be described as a psychedelic take on Alice in Wonderland.

4 House of Holland

House of Holland House of Holland, designed by Henry Holland, burst onto the fashion scene with their pun-laden fashion t-shirts. With references to models like “Wham Bam Thank You Stam” and “I’ll Tell You Who’s Boss, Kate Moss” the slogan t-shirts quickly shot to popularity. These days the fashion label is known for its playful use of prints and patterns, with catchy slogans cropping up each season.

5 Olympia Le-Tan

Olympia Le-Tan French fashion labels are usually better known for their timeless and understated approach to fashion. However, Olympia Le-Tan embraces all things whimsical and wonderful. The fashion and accessories line is kitschy and charming. Think playing card printed dresses, embroidered book-shaped clutches, and handbags that look like your favourite album covers.

6 Vivetta

Vivetta Vivetta is a fashion label from Milan that has grown quite a cult following, especially among celebrities. The clothes are flirty and feminine, with a retro-inspired twist. Each season we see plenty of playful prints and designs. Just take their perfectly manicured hand-shaped collars or watermelon-inspired clothing designs for example. The label mixes a whole lot of girlish charm with a bit of fun attitude.

7 Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade New York Kate Spade New York is well known for its range of stylish women’s clothing and accessories. The brand has a very playful aesthetic and while the clothes tend to stay on the more classic and wearable side of things, the accessories is where the fun really kicks in. We’ve seen a bunch of playful designs from the label, from taxi cab inspired shoes to fruity charm jewellery and wicker bags in the shape of cars.

These are just some fashion brands that inject a little bit of lighthearted fun into the fashion game. Sure, some of their designs might be kooky and kitschy, but that’s all part of the appeal. Can you think of any other fun fashion labels to add to this list?

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