7 Trends That Are over and out This Year ...

We learnt all about this season's news trends this past week – but we also learnt the trends that are over. I mean, nobody wants to get caught in something out-of-date, and knowing that you are rocking the latest looks is a sure-fire way to boost your confidence. So while the shows were telling us that gold is the new black and braids totally can be worn by grown-ups, here are the trends that are over, too.

1. Ankle-breaking Heels…

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Yes, one of the first trends that are over is the super-high heel. Even Victoria Beckham chose to leave her skyscrapers at home for a pair of comfy flats this year, and that marks a serious change in shoe attitude. It doesn’t mean that you need to throw away all your heels, though. Just get rid of the ones that are so high that they put a lot of pressure on your ankles, giving you a really unattractive calf look. Not hot.

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