13 Trends to Stop Wearing Now ...


13 Trends to Stop Wearing Now ...
13 Trends to Stop Wearing Now ...

The most important thing next to knowing what trends are ‘in’ is to know what trends to stop wearing. Trend cycles can move quickly, so what was in fashion one minute can be old news just as quickly as they hit their peak. While you should never have to stop wearing something just because it’s ‘out of fashion,’ there are some trends that have well and truly overstayed their welcome. Take a look at these trends to stop wearing now.

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Peplum For a while there it seemed like peplum was the answer to all of our trend problems. However, the obsession with all things peplum is slowly wearing off. It’s quickly becoming one of the top trends to stop wearing now. If you still like the look of this ladylike trend, replace your peplum tops for those with soft waterfall ruffles this season.


Mullet Hems

Mullet Hems Another trend to stop wearing is mullet anything. You know the ones – those dresses/skirts/tops that are short at the front and longer at the back. While hems that have a slight dip are fine, it’s the ones with the really exaggerated ‘mullets’ that I take issue with. Do you want to wear a short skirt or a long one? Just make up your mind already!


Wedge Sneakers

Wedge Sneakers Designer Isabel Marant has a lot to answer for. Her wedge sneakers quickly became the ‘it’ shoe of choice for the fashion set. Before you knew it there were knock-offs left, right, and centre. This season if you want to work the sport chic trend, stick to your normal hi-tops and trainers instead.



Oxblood Oxblood was the must-have colour of autumn and winter. However, there is such a thing as oxblood overload. Right now we’re seeing a range of jewel tone shades and bright colours take centre stage. Feel free to step out in a bright red shorts suit or a sea green dress – whatever takes your fancy!


Drop Crotch Pants

Drop Crotch Pants Drop crotch pants are probably one of those things that we love to hate. Or hate to love. They’re slouchy, a bit boho, and oh so comfy. For a long time drop crotch pants have been the domain of women. But once guys started wearing drop crotch pants (here’s looking at you, Bieber), it was time to say enough is enough! That’s a trend I just can’t get with.


Coloured Denim

Coloured Denim I loved the coloured denim trend so I don’t think this will be a definite goodbye, just a goodbye for now. All things denim are still on-trend, and it’s one of the biggest trends right now. However, it’s all about celebrating denim in all its beautiful indigo shades.


Bum-Baring Shorts

Bum-Baring Shorts While bum-baring shorts tend to stay out of sight during the winter months, come summer and festival season they seem to be everywhere. This trend will also probably be more common if you live near a beach. If your butt cheeks are hanging out of your denim shorts then they are most definitely too short or you should think about going up a size. I’ve never dared to wear a pair, but I can’t see how they could possibly be comfortable!


Color Dyed Ends

Color Dyed Ends The last couple of summers have been all about experimenting with hairstyles and hair colors. I remember seeing hair of every color of the rainbow as I walked the streets, but I have to admit I was one of those people once. Although it was fun for a while, it did get old. With so many people following the color dyed tips trend, somehow we all blended into a one huge colorful mess.


Bright Uggs

Bright Uggs Despite what anybody says Uggs might be the most comfortable shoes around, but it's hard to think that highly of their appearance. Although every girl has at least one pair of Uggs in her closet, I think it is about time to branch out! We have to leave those embellished hot pink Uggs behind no matter how comfortable they may be and explore new options. It might be difficult to part with out broken in Uggs but they have to go, especially the shiny and bright ones!



Flatforms Some consider flatforms as a fashionable statement and don't get me wrong some people can incorporate them into their outfit quite well, but most of the time they are just unflattering! They can often look chunky and harsh especially on petite silhouettes. With so many different high platform shoes on the market, I think it is time we say good bye to flatforms and welcome a new pair of shoes into our lives.


Graphic Leggings

Graphic Leggings Unless you really love to make an eye-catching statement and accentuate your legs, drop those graphic leggings! Graphic leggings with detailed, bright and overwhelming designs can often look very over the top and unflattering. So if you are looking to make a change in your wardrobe, switch our those wild leggings for more basic colored and textured designs that would serve complementary to your taste!


Harem Pants

Harem Pants While some can rock the Harem pants like a rockstar, most of us fail miserably when trying them out. Harem pants can appear awkward especially if they are not paired together well. So no matter how comfortable those sagging pants may be, there are always more flattering options for your to choose from.


Furry Boots

Furry Boots While boots with minimal fur can be quite trendy, those with an abnormal amount of fur need to leave the closet immediately. Looking back I remember wearing puffy boots that looked like small pomeranians on my feet, and I regret every second of it. But then again, who is to tell you to stop wearing your favorite fur boots?

While there’s no denying that some of these trends were and still can be fashionable, sometimes they get so popular that we get to the point where we become trend fatigued! There’s nothing like overexposure to kill off a trend. What trends do you think should stay, and what trends do you think should go?

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Vogue begs to differ with this article

This is crazy... These are all still in...!

I don't know about you but I love sneaker wedges. They're trendy and really comfortable.

In love

I loove my harem pants

Thank you, I can't tolerate ANY of these lol. As for bum baring short...keep it classy San Diego! :-P

@TK couldn't agree more!

Most of this stuff I think is still on trend.

@Lauren Johnson I think she is only saying that they're dying... And they kinda are... But I must admit that wedge sneakers are beautiful <3

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