8 Trendy and Chic Embellished Collar Tops ...

Collars finally get their time to shine with trendy and chic embellished collar tops that sparkle for the season. A chic embellished collar acts as a bold statement necklace when paired with the season’s coolest clothes and trendiest tops. The discerning femininity of an embellished collar is a top ladylike accent that has vintage quality and retro flair for the contemporary chic woman. For a sweet touch add these trendy collar tops to your fall wardrobe and forgo your jewelry entirely this season.

1. Embellished Collar Button up Top

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The white button up shirt is timeless and should be a staple in all wardrobes. The business-formal and professional white button up shirt is re-invented and made modern with trendy and chic collar embellishments. To keep your white button up classic, opt for embellishments that are clear or opaque white for a more reserved feel. Embellished collar tops like the Maje one shown above fit the bill perfectly, with other options from Topshop, River Island, House of Fraser and high-end designs from Miu Miu to Tara Jarmon in the $50 to $1,000 range.

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