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8 Cute Tees for Fall ...

By Jennifer

Cute Tees currently top my fall fashion must-have list, and I’ve been searching for a new bunch of them for back-to-school. My favorite online shop, ModCloth, has loads of cute tees, and I’ve narrowed my shopping cart to the bare necessities… It's been hard, because there are so many cute tees I want for my fall wardrobe! Here are 8 cute tees for fall, at least by my discriminating and super-picky standards…

1 Hello, Southwest Tee

Hello, Southwest TeePrice: $29.99 at
Of course Hello Kitty follows all of the hottest fashion trends, so of course her iconic silhouette adorns this southwest-inspired tee! In fact, if you look closely, you can even see her signature red bow! Wouldn’t this look darling paired with white shorts or faded chinos? So many cute tees feature Hello Kitty, but this one is just adorable!

2 Sassy Souvenir Tee

Sassy Souvenir TeePrice: $29.99 at
Having been raised in a community a stone’s throw from San Francisco, I can attest to the climate, including the infamous fog, which makes an appearance on this smart-alecky tee. Show your love for the City by the Bay by wearing this cute tee, with a floral-print mini and sweet oxfords. It also looks great with jeans and high tops!


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3 Happy Cat-rimony Tee

Happy Cat-rimony TeePrice: $27.99 at
How adorable! I love cute tees with cats! This cute kitten couple has a lot of love to share, and will look splendid with just about anything in your closet his fall. Wear with skinny jeans and bright Chuck Taylors, or with a midi skirt, tall boots, and a cropped cardi.

4 Kitten Comfort Tee

Kitten Comfort TeePrice: $29.99 at
On the days when you need a little extra affection, wear this warm-colored tee, tall knee socks, and a kilt, and give your favorite feline a little extra squeeze. I know what you’re thinking — does Jen have a thing for cute tees with kitties? Yes. Yes I do. Keep reading!

5 The Argus Tee

The Argus TeePrice: $29.99 at
This is my favorite of all the cute tees of the season. It's all in a vibrant blue, with a singularly gorgeous peacock strutting his stuff on the front. The deep vee means you can wear your favorite necklace with it, and the color means you can pair it with your best skinny jeans and skimmer flats for fall.

6 This Meow’s Forever Tee

This Meow’s Forever TeePrice: $29.99 at
I thought all kitties spoke French, but this little charmer clearly speaks Spanish. I wonder which other girls (or girl cats) he professed his love to… but does it matter? He’s in my closet now, and I have just the skirt and shorts to wear him with.

7 Nature Ride Tee

Nature Ride TeePrice: $39.99 at
This is, if at all possible, a dressier version of your most comfortable Saturday tee. Note the darling graphic on the front, the brilliant sunshine hue, and the slit flutter sleeves, then imagine pairing it with cuffed linen shorts and a pair of wedges. Cute tees like this lend themselves to a variety of outfits too, so have fun mixing and matching!

8 Tasty Bytes Tee

Tasty Bytes TeePrice: $29.99 at
Flaunt your fondness for robots or just tasty treats with this cute tee, made exclusively for ModCloth by Pinecone and Chickadee. The neutral colors will enable you to wear it with any of your weekday pants or skirts, and the print will keep your office mates secure in the knowledge that you are one stylish lass!

See what I mean? And these are just a few of all of the cute tees on ModCloth… I love them all! I’m especially in love with the purple one with the kitty cat on it (I do have a thing for cats)… which of these cute tees do you like best, and how will you rock it? And if you know anywhere else to find awesome, cute tees, please share!

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