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9 Trendy Coat Styles for This Fall ...

By Sophia

Trendy coats for this fall come in all sorts of styles. While a timeless coat will last you year in and out, it doesn’t hurt to keep up with today’s coat trends. Some of the most popular styles this season will revolve around military inspired and oversized designs. So, if you’re thinking about getting your new season wardrobe in check, take a look at these trendy fall coat styles.

Table of contents:

  1. Military
  2. Oversized
  3. Leather
  4. Peacoat
  5. Fur armed
  6. Nomadic
  7. Ladylike
  8. Asymmetric
  9. Knee length

1 Military

Military style coats were all over the Fall 2012 runways so there’s no doubt they’ll be trending this season. Look out for coats with epaulets, gold buttons, or other military inspired details.

2 Oversized

Oversized coats will be the way to go this fall. Whether it’s slouchy, boxy or structured, it’s just gotta be oversized. Since they can be quite overwhelming for your figure, make sure you keep the rest of your look fairly fitted and streamlined when trying out this coat trend.

3 Leather

If a leather coat has you thinking up of Matrix-style scenarios, think again. This fall, the leather coat is far more high fashion than anything else. Take inspiration from labels like Alexander Wang and Hermes who embraced the leather coat for fall dressing.

4 Peacoat

The peacoat is one of those trendy coats that’s also quite timeless and versatile. It’s a roomier kind of coat and would look great worn with trends across the board, from vintage inspired looks to more contemporary off-duty outfits.

5 Fur Armed

One of the most noticeable trends on recent fall designer runways was coats with (hopefully faux) fur sleeves. However, it’s not one I’d recommend for wearing on a trip down to the grocery store! For a more wearable take on this trendy fall coat style, just try looking for coats with contrasting sleeves that don’t necessarily have to be fur.

6 Nomadic

When I say ‘nomadic’ I really mean ‘a coat that looks like a blanket’ (but chicer). Patterned and leather-trimmed styles were seen at Rag and Bone and Mara Hoffman, and are perfect for working a laid back look. Add some shape by belting them in at the waist and make sure you stay away from anything that looks too much like a Snuggie!

7 Ladylike

Trendy coats can also be quite classic and ladylike. This fall, a coat with a fitted waist and full skirt is your ticket to sophisticated dressing. Try a full-skirted coat to complete your on-trend ladylike look this season.

8 Asymmetric

Keep things quirky this season in a coat with an asymmetric front. This kind of detail can really update a basic style of coat. Try one with an open front to create a relaxed, draped look.

9 Knee Length

When it comes to trendy coats this fall, hemlines have well and truly dropped. This season is all about coats that hit at the knee or below. Longer coats can be a bit shapeless, so stick to styles that can be belted at the waist!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the latest trendy coats for fall. While many of the looks are inspired by the designer runways, they’ve already trickled into the mainstream which is perfect for all us fashion savvy folk! What kind of trendy coat will you be wearing this fall?

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