8 Interesting and on-Trend Cardigans for Winter ...

Cardigans for winter come in all sorts of shapes and styles this season. Steer clear of dated twin-sets and try your hand at some of the many on-trend cardigans available this winter. Embrace bold patterns and eye-catching embellishments to really take the humble cardigan to the next level. When it comes to cardigans for winter, check out our hottest picks below.

1. Chain Trimmed Cardigan

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When looking for stylish cardigans for winter, choose one with on-trend embellishments like chain detailing. This particular MICHAEL Michael Kors cardigan will leave you around $200 out of pocket but you can pick up similar and more affordable styles at Topshop and Forever 21. Team them with a simple dress or a tee and jeans for a smart and sophisticated outfit.

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