7 Tips for Buying the Right Coat ...


A quality coat will last you year in and year out, so buying the right coat is important. Just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, pants or little black dress, choosing a coat can take time. Unlike most trend-based items, coats tend to be things that last more than one season. It’s okay then to invest a little bit extra into buying the right coat. Take all the hassle out of buying the right coat with these handy hints.

1. Pick a Purpose

Before buying the right coat for you, think about what you need it for. Will it be an everyday coat, an outdoorsy coat, or maybe a statement evening coat? Wool coats make great everyday style coats while weather-proof trench coats are versatile all-purpose options. Different coats can serve different purposes so if you have a rough idea of the kind of coat you’re after, it’ll be easier to narrow down the choices.

Know Your Body Type
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