7 Tips for Buying the Right Coat ...


7 Tips for Buying the Right Coat ...
7 Tips for Buying the Right Coat ...

A quality coat will last you year in and year out, so buying the right coat is important. Just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, pants or little black dress, choosing a coat can take time. Unlike most trend-based items, coats tend to be things that last more than one season. It’s okay then to invest a little bit extra into buying the right coat. Take all the hassle out of buying the right coat with these handy hints.

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Pick a Purpose

Before buying the right coat for you, think about what you need it for. Will it be an everyday coat, an outdoorsy coat, or maybe a statement evening coat? Wool coats make great everyday style coats while weather-proof trench coats are versatile all-purpose options. Different coats can serve different purposes so if you have a rough idea of the kind of coat you’re after, it’ll be easier to narrow down the choices.


Know Your Body Type

To get the most flattering fit, choose a coat that suits your body type. Those with boyish figures might want to try a coat with a nipped waist, while fuller figures might want to go for a tailored coat. If you’re on the petite side you can get away with wearing cocoon style coats – just stick to lengths at or above the knee that won’t dwarf you or add bulk. Generally, you can’t go wrong with a tailored coat that also has an optional belt that you can add or remove accordingly.


Leave Some Room

Buying a well-fitted coat is different to buying a skin-tight coat. Since you’ll most likely be wearing a sweater or a few layers underneath, your coat needs to accommodate for this. Either choose a coat that allows room to move or buy a size up. Coats with some give are not only more comfortable but can be much more flattering as well.


What Will You Wear It with?

Like the previous tip, think about what you’ll be wearing with your coat. Do you prefer wearing lots of layers or are you fine with just a light knit underneath your coat? This will help you determine the fit you want. Also, what will you wear your coat with? If you wear lots of dresses and tights you might want a coat that gives more coverage. If you tend to stick to trousers and shirts then a shorter coat might work for you. It’s important to choose a coat that will work with the rest of your wardrobe.


Check the Sleeves

We all weren’t born with the same measurements and sleeves can be a pesky thing to look out for when buying jackets. Try on your coat to see that the sleeves are at a length that works for you. Some people might like sleeves to finish at the wrist while others may prefer them a bit longer. Also, think twice about coats with bracelet length sleeves unless you’ve got a stash of long gloves at the ready.


Check Buttons and Fastenings

The main purpose of a coat is to keep you warm and when it gets really cold, you'll want to make sure that you can wear it buttoned all the way up. So, check to see if the buttons and fastenings will hold up. You wouldn’t want to be left holding your coat in place while the weather gets the better of you.


Avoid Longer Lengths

While dramatic, floor-sweeping coats might look okay on the runways, they’re not always the most practical in real life. Stick to shorter, knee or mid-calf length coats. They’re much more practical and less likely to trip you over!

Whether you’re after a timeless coat or something a bit more statement-making, these are just some tips to help make buying your next coat a breeze. If you find the perfect coat, think about buying more than one version of it too! Do you have any tips for buying the right coat?

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