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Have you ever considered different ways to make your jeans last longer? From Levi to Calvin Klein denims, jeans are a timeless fashion trend that will never go out of style. Yet, jeans are sometimes hard to preserve. It’s kind of depressing to buy a pair of jeans one day only to find them either faded or torn the next day. There are several ways to make your jeans last longer. Let's check them out below.

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Buy Jeans That Fit Right

One of the ways to make your jeans last longer is to buy a pair that fits just right on you. This will ensure its lifespan and/or longevity. Try not to invest in jeans that are too long and baggy because they could very well experience tearing from being dragged on the ground. The same goes for super tight skinny jeans that may shrink over time. Invest in jeans that are suitable and comfortable for your size.


Buy Brand Name Durable Jeans

Now, not everyone can afford or wants to spend money on expensive jeans. However, most brand name jeans are created with longer-lasting fabric. They tend to feel thicker and weigh much more than off-brand denims. For instance, Armani's $148 name brand jeans may just last longer than a pair of $19.20 Mudd Jeans from Kohl's. It's better to invest in something a bit pricy that will last you a lifetime than something cheap that won't last you very long. Oh, don't forget thrift stores are always selling marked down store brand jeans too!


Spot Clean

Instead of washing your jeans, spot clean! At times you may think that your jeans are completely dirty after wearing them outside, but that’s not always the case. I’ve been wearing and refolding my jeans for years now. After a fresh wash, I usually don’t wash my jeans until after the second or third time wearing them. Unless I’ve spilled something on them or have sweated in my jeans, then all I do is spot clean with some laundry detergent and hang them up to dry.


Wash Less

Some jeans enthusiasts say to wash your jeans every six months, but as much as I wear my jeans, that’s impossible! So, I would suggest to aim for once a month or every other month. Jeans tend to bleed and sometimes shrink when you wash them too much. Like I’ve already mentioned, spot cleaning is perfect for jeans that aren’t completely filthy. Now if they smell funny or have a yucky stain, then please do wash them. Other than that, minimize your denim washes to once a month if possible, and make sure to always to wash them in cold water turned inside out.


Avoid the Dryer

At all cost, please do not tumble dry your jeans all the time. This can cause rips and tears. It also can fade the color of your jeans. The worst part of it all is the shrinking though. Try to air dry as much as possible, and if you’re going to use a dryer, put it on low cycle.


Don’t Wear Them in the Summer

The summer sun can be a killer for your denim jeans. The heat can cause them to fade and look a little dingier than usual. Try to avoid wearing your jeans during the hotter season, especially your fall/winter jeans. I suggest you preserve them for the colder seasons so they can still have that brand new look.


Don’t Wear Them Often

Minimize the number of times you decide to wear your jeans. This is just one of those habits I’m working on myself. I find myself wearing the same pair every week. Switch it up every now and then. Go for slacks, leggings, or trousers in place of your favorite pair of jeans. This would help to lessen all the washing or spot cleaning you will have to do.

Remember these key factors for long lasting jeans: wash less, dry less, and wear less. What are some other ways you preserve your jeans? Does it usually matter to you if your jeans stay in top shape?

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I kinda live in jeans but i alternate them from week to week, and usually spot clean them. I think i only wash them every second week, and usually turn them inside out to wash cause they tend to fade otherwise!

I wash my jeans (I only wear Denizen by Levi or Ashley Stewart) inside out in cold water once a month...they color doesn't fade and the fabric doesn't wear. I tumble dry them on medium instead of high...air drying them makes them stiff.

Well if u won't wear them and wash them often, they will obviously last longer. Not just jeans but any cloth would last longer with minimal wear and washes.

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