7 Ways to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive ...

Have you ever thought about ways to make your outfit look more expensive? I’m not talking about spending more money – obviously that would make you look and feel more expensive – but more about small things you can do that will make your clothes look designer, wherever you bought them from. I’ve been experimenting with some different ideas, and here are my favorite ways to make your outfit look more expensive.

1. Tailor It

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Probably one of the best ways to make your outfit look more expensive is to tailor it. I’m not talking about buying clothes that are already tailored to your figure or that are specially designed, because that will cost a lot more. Those $20 trousers or that cute skirt from Target will look much cuter with some slight adjustments, though. For ultimate money saving, learn how to do alterations yourself. Otherwise, ask a friend or family member, or look for a professional running a side business. You should be able to get a good rate, and your clothes will look amazing.

2. Identify the Main Feature

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For example, the focal point on your new coat might be the buttons. If the buttons are basic plastic, they’ll be inoffensive but look cheap. Swap them for some classier buttons – say with a pearl effect, or made from metal, or even just swiped from something that you no longer wear, and your new coat will look a lot better. Can’t sew? Hit up a dry cleaner and they’ll replace your buttons for you.

3. Keep It Clean

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It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people break this rule. Only wear clothes if they are looking clean and new. Got a stain? Whip it off and either wash yourself, or take to a dry cleaner. Can’t get a stain out? Invest in some stronger detergent or relegate the item to the back of your wardrobe. Do the same for clothing that is falling apart. If it’s not looking new, it’s not fit to wear.

4. Don’t Wash

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Overwashing your clothes leads to patterns and fabrics wearing, which makes everything look cheaper. If you spill something down yourself, try spot cleaning using a toothbrush or washing brush, or even a sponge. The freezer is said to be great for freezing out smells, too. Do make sure you wash your clothes, but remember that it does affect the fabric, so don’t overwash.

5. Steam Success

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Wrinkles and creases make everything look cheap and neglected. A steamer is the best way to solve this, because it’s quicker and more effective than ironing, and people hate ironing! Try steaming clothing the night before you’re going to wear it, and leaving it hanging in a room with an open window overnight. The cold air removes smells, and the steaming will keep it crease free.

6. Ditch the Glitter

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Less is more when it comes to embellishments. Leave pleated tops, fringing and distressed denim on the shelf, because it’s a lot harder to make decorated clothing look high-end. Instead, streamline your look so that it’s plain but posh, and oh-so-chic. Before you leave the house, look in a mirror and make sure that you look sleek and streamlined.

7. Invest Where You Can

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Another of the great ways to make an outfit look expensive is to team it with something high-end. Keep your eye on sales and open houses, and if you find something affordable that you totally love, buy it. Go for timeless, classic pieces, though, that you’ll be able to team with a wide variety of outfits.

I’ve learnt some great tricks while researching ways to make an outfit look more expensive. Always choose black over brown, for example, and ensure that your silhouette is smooth at all times. Do you know of any great ways to make an outfit look expensive? I’d love to hear how you’re balancing looking great with not blowing your budget!

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