7 Ways to Style Your Maxi Dress ...

By Sophia

7 Ways to Style Your Maxi Dress ...

Ways to style a maxi dress can vary depending on the season. While trends come and go, the maxi dress has still proven to be a popular wardrobe staple. A basic maxi dress in a neutral colour can be quite versatile. Whether you wear one alone with a few accessories or layer it up, the styling opportunities are endless. The following are just a couple of ways to style your maxi dress this season.

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1 Relaxed Red Carpet

Relaxed Red Carpet Channel one of the hottest celebrity looks right now by giving your maxi the glam treatment. For this look to work, choose a maxi dress in a luxe fabric like silk. Accessorise with some statement jewellery and a compact clutch for a fabulous look that’s worthy of the red carpet.

2 Sport Luxe

Sport Luxe When it comes to ways to style a maxi dress the sport luxe way, stick to the basics. Start with a jersey or cotton maxi dress in a simple tank design. Accessorise with a sporty cap, sneakers, and maybe even show off a bit of a sports bra. Complete the look by slipping on a bomber jacket or cropped sweatshirt over the top.

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3 Sophisticated Chic

Sophisticated Chic Give your maxi dress a bit more of a polished look by styling it in a more sophisticated manner. You can instantly make it more polished by teaming it with a blazer, patent shoes, and a framed handbag. Be sure to choose a maxi dress in a more structured fabric that won’t cling and stretch.

4 Resort Glamour

Resort Glamour Make your maxi dress work for you on vacation. I love a maxi dress as it can equally be relaxed and glamorous. For ways to style a maxi dress that’ll have you resort-ready, try accessorising with things like silk scarves, turbans, and long beaded necklaces.

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5 Retro Revival

Retro Revival Work a bohemian look in your maxi dress for instant retro style. Choose a maxi dress with a more relaxed, flowing cut. Style it up with a macramé or crochet vest, aviator sunglasses, and a tooled leather handbag.

6 Off Duty Cool

Off Duty Cool Work a casual off-duty look by teaming your maxi dress with denim and khaki fabrics. A denim jacket or vest would look great teamed with a basic maxi dress for a street smart look. When it comes to ways to style a maxi dress this way, complete the look with a pair of wayfarer sunglasses and a slouchy handbag.

7 Biker Babe

Biker Babe Give your maxi dress some extra edge by styling it in a biker inspired manner. Start simple by popping on a leather biker jacket or vest over your maxi dress. To take the look further, add studded accessories or wear biker-style boots.

Get as much wear as you can from a simple maxi dress by styling it in a range of different ways. Do any of these looks relate to your own personal style? What are your favourite ways to style your maxi dress?

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I really like Relaxed Red Carpet, Resort Glamour and Biker Babe!

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