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The runways of Jason Wu and the streets of New York City have been celebrating summer in sorbet, so now’s the prime time to learn how to wear pastels. Whether you’re the classic girly girl or live on the edge, there are easy ways to incorporate these whisper-light hues into your summer wardrobe. Here are 7 tips that’ll keep you pretty in pastels all season long.

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Accessorize If you’ve been wondering how to wear pastels but don’t want to commit to the trend just yet, start with some sweet accessories. An arm party in pastels would make any black dress pop. To avoid looking too ladylike, I usually balance out my outfit with edgy leather baubles. Either way, a few gems are important to really make an impression!


Color Block

Color Block If you’re unafraid to jump on the pastel bandwagon, color blocking will keep you sweet and sophisticated – without making you look like grandma. Go darker on the bottom and lighter on top with two pieces in the same color family. Or, take your ensemble up a few notches with bright bottoms and a pastel top. I’ve tried both and have never been disappointed by the ultra-flirty results.


Don’t Overdo It

Don’t Overdo It When figuring out how to wear pastels, remember this key tip: keep your hair and makeup simple. Since pastel hues are soft and feminine, your ‘do should be extremely subtle so it doesn’t overpower your outfit. Fresh waves would work wonders in perfecting that subdued-sexy look.


Edgy is Better

Edgy is Better This summer, I’m planning to skip the lace and stock up on pastels in clean cuts. Since these super soft hues are already as girly as it gets, avoid obsessing over the detailing. I still shudder every time I think of the head-to-toe lace pastel getup I donned to an internship a few years ago. Fashion disaster doesn’t even begin to describe it!


Go for the Ombre

Go for the Ombre If you’re wondering how to wear pastels with another huge summertime trend, go ombre. An oversized pastel sweater in ombre would be the perfect for a night spent treading across the beach. And you’ll be making double the fashion statement. How haute is that?


Start with a Neutral Base

Start with a Neutral Base If you’re more of a black, white, and navy kind of gal, tone your pastels down with a neutral base. I love pairing pastel pinks and purples with crisp white shorts. It’s so vacation chic! When it comes to office attire, throw a fresh black blazer over a pastel dress for a winning combo.


Top It off with Sexy Heels

Top It off with Sexy Heels Now that you know just how to wear pastels, don’t forget to top your outfit off with a sexy pair of heels. No, they don’t have to be sky high, but make sure they flaunt your legs. It’s the perfect way to add a little more spice to a saccharine outfit.

Learning how to wear pastels can make your summer a whole lot lighter and brighter. Which tips are you planning to share with your besties? What are some of your own tried and true tips on how to wear pastels?

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