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The 1980s was a decade of big hair and bright clothes, which is why many people avoid '80s fashion trends. The '80s fashion trends can be difficult to work into a modern wardrobe, especially since they can have a costume-like appearance. However, as you will see, the '80s fashion trends can be worn in modern ways and look quite stylish.

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Off-the-Shoulder One of the '80s fashion trends was oversized shirts that were worn off-the-shoulder. Often, these shirts were very bright. The off-the-shoulder trend can be quite modern, but you need to keep the look stream-lined. Stick to shirts that fit closer to the body and are meant to be worn off the shoulder. Also, avoid pairing these shirts with acid wash jeans, which are another trend from the 1980s.


Acid Wash Jeans

Acid Wash Jeans Even though they were stylish at the time, the acid wash jeans from the 1980s would not be considered very attractive today. Most of the jeans from the '80s had the typical “mom jean” cut, which made them unflattering. However, despite their shortcomings, it is possible to wear acid wash jeans in a modern and stylish way. Stick to skinny or straight leg styles with a low or mid-rise.


Neon Colors

Neon Colors Neon colors were extremely popular in the 1980s; people thought nothing of pairing all the neon colors together. However, to keep the neon color trend modern, you want to stay away from pairing different neon colors together. To add a great pop of color to an outfit and keep it very modern, stick to neon accessories. Hot pink shoes or a neon yellow belt can make an outfit very stylish. Personally, I love the addition of hot pink shoes.


Large Chunky Earrings

Large Chunky Earrings Large chunky earrings adorned many ears in the 1980s. Often, they were geometric shapes and bright colors, and they were paired with big hair. If you want to embrace the chunky earring trend, stick to earrings that are jewel toned or neutral, and keep the rest of your outfit simple. Also, if you wear your hair in a modern way, you will be sure to look chic.


High Ponytails

High Ponytails If you look at pictures from the '80s, you will often see women wearing high, teased ponytails. To modernize the high ponytail trend, keep your hair sleek and avoid scrunchies. The great thing about wearing a sleek, high ponytail is that it instantly wakes up your face and draws attention to all of your features. It is a flattering look that is very simple.


Blue Eye Shadow

Blue Eye Shadow Blue eye shadow is perhaps one of the most iconic makeup trends from the 1980s. Even my mom wore bright blue eye shadow! Even though blue eye shadow is a signature of the '80s, it is possible to wear it in a modern way. For a modern take on blue eye shadow, use the shadow as an eyeliner. It will give you the pop of blue you want without being too much.



Leotards In the 1980s, leotards were worn for working out. You can still embrace the leotard trend without looking like you belong in a Jane Fonda workout video. For example, leotards are great for yoga class. You don’t have to worry about them coming over your head when you are in downward facing dog. Just be sure to pair your leotard with yoga pants and not tights and a belt.

The trends from the 1980s were loud and very iconic, which can make them difficult to wear in a modern way. However, it is possible wear 1980s trends in a modern way. You just have to make a few adjustments, and you will have a modern and stylish look. Which style from the 1980s would you like to incorporate into your style?

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