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7 Fashion Tips for Women in Their 40s ...

By Carly

Here are a few fashion tips for women in their 40s to make sure you look and feel fabulous all the time. Yes, you’ve celebrated the big 4-0. You're officially a grown up. But that doesn’t mean you’re old, especially in the world of fashion. 40 is the new 30! So, follow these fashion tips for women in their 40s - like you! - to make sure you’re fashion-forward and look your absolute best!

1 Be Confident

Whether you’re wearing gym clothes headed to a spin class or in a little black dress going out for dinner, you should always be confident. A woman who knows her self-worth is so attractive. Believe it or not, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’re exuding positivity and happiness, and what could be better than that? I'd say confidence has earned the top spot on any list of fashion tips for women in their 40s.

2 Give Your Hair Some Va-Va Voom

Your hair is more important than you think. It frames your face and is one of the first things people notice about you. Sure, in the past forty years, you've lived a lot, learned a lot, and had tons of experiences. But you don’t want your hair to say that! Sometimes, a hair makeover is needed to make sure your hair is light and fresh. Something as seemingly minor as a new haircut or a few highlights can do wonders.

3 Do a Closet Makeover

Your clothes are a reflection of you. Making sure you have some great go-to pieces will help you look effortless regardless of what you’re doing. You should go through your closet and see what’s been hiding in there. Do you have a black fitted dress, skinny jeans, a feminine sweater, and a pair of stunning stilettos? If not, you should purchase them ASAP. Having timeless go-to pieces are a necessity. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit and anything you haven't' worn in two years or more, and make room for the good stuff!

4 Dress for YOUR Body

Not everyone has the same body type. What works on some women doesn’t work on others. I’m 5’2" and I’m not a size double zero. I’m not as curvy as Kim K. or JLo, but I do have womanly curves. I know what clothes are flattering on me and what aren’t. I know that I can’t wear long maxi dresses or pencil skirts that fall below the knee. Knowing your body type is key. Identify what clothes are best for your body, and wear them! Embrace your body type!

5 Invest in a New Pair of Shoes

Cinderella is evidence that a new pair of shoes can change your life. In real life, not the fairy tale, an awe-inspiring pair of shoes can turn a plain outfit into an amazing one. A nice pair of heels is something that all women should have. You should invest in a pair of sexy, sophisticated stilettos that can be worn on all occasions.

6 Size Matters

Yes, size does matter. So, it’s important that your clothes fit you and flatter your body type. You don’t want your dress to be so short that it looks like you borrowed it from your teenage daughter. On the flipside, your clothes shouldn’t hide your body. As a woman, you’re naturally sexy. You should wear clothes that make you feel feminine and pretty.

7 Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

You can express yourself and let your personality shine by wearing accessories. Accessorizing is a way to turn a simple outfit into something dazzling. Wearing a statement necklace, a fun pair of earrings, unique bracelets, or an exceptional belt is an easy way to make you stand out.

Remember you're over 40; you're not dead. You've still got energy, sex appeal, and a lot to offer. You should dress age-appropriately and wear clothes that make you feel extraordinary. Have you tried any of these fashion tips or do you have any suggestions to add?

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