7 Pieces to Help You Rock the Menswear Trend ...


If you want to rock the menswear trend, all you have to do is add a few items to your closet. Since male clothing is generally cheaper than female clothing, you shouldn't be spending too much of your hard earned paycheck. Even if you do, the money is worth the compliments you'll get when you wear a new outfit around town. Here are a few items of clothing that will help you rock the menswear trend:

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Oversized Men's Shirt

Oversized Men's Shirt You shouldn't pass by an awesome shirt, just because it's meant for men to wear. You can still don it with a belt in order to make it more form fitting. You could also tie the extra material up by your waist to form a crop top. There are plenty of ways to rock the menswear trend that involve just a little DIY action. So go ahead and buy that shirt you've been eying.


Tweed Jacket

Tweed Jacket These jackets will make you appear both intellectual and fashionable. You can wear them with a business suit underneath and head to work, or with a cute dress to mix styles. The choice is all yours, so be brave and branch out.



Overalls Want to help bring back an older fashion trend? You rarely see overalls these days, which is why you'll look unique when you wear them. As long as you get a pair that fits your body, you'll be the talk of the town. Plus, you won't have to worry about constantly pulling up your jeans so the world doesn't see anything inappropriate.



Vest You don't have to hide your vest beneath a suit. You can wear one on top of your favorite shirt for the world to see. If you get one that comes in black or gray, you'll be able to wear it with virtually everything you own. It'll keep your wardrobe feeling fresh.


Full Suit

Full Suit As you should know by now, suits aren't just meant for men. There are hundreds of women that rock a full suit to work every single day. If you're worried about looking exactly like everyone else in your office, don't be. You can stand out by finding a suit that's form fitting and fun. As long as it's not too bold, your boss shouldn't mind.


Plaid Shirt

Plaid Shirt Men's clothes tend to be comfier than ours, which is why their shirts are great to layer with our shirts. You can wear a fun plaid button up beneath the rest of your outfit, letting it poke out just a bit. That way it acts an accessory rather than you're entire outfit. Plus, it'll keep you nice and warm.


Collared Shirt

Collared Shirt If you're not already the proud owner of a collared shirt, you should rush to buy one. They're great to wear underneath other shirts, but work equally as well on their own. You'll be pulling it out of your closet more often than you'd think, so don't assume that you won't get enough use out of it. They're surprisingly useful.

You never have to stick to the clothing aisles meant for your gender. You can wear whatever you want to wear, so if you like it, buy it. Do you ever shop in the men's section of your favorite store?

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