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What Your Choice of Panties Says about You ...

By Lucy

Have you ever wondered what your choice of panties say about you?? Maybe it's time to find out! Keeping reading for your prediction 🙊 👙

P.S it's not my intention to offend anyone with anything said below, so please don't take it too personally or seriously! It's meant to be a fun post, and one that you can smile or have a laugh as you read 😊 ✌️

1 Bright Coloured Underwear

Any ladies who love to wear bright coloured underwear love to be the life of the party and have all eyes on them! They adore attention from those around them and often have fun, vibrant personalities that always makes them super memorable!

2 Cheeky Panties

This one kind of speaks for itself! Ladies who choose this style love to be cheeky and flaunt their body in a sexy yet confident way. They love being bold and bright in fun patterns such as polka dots, striped or even animal print but also love feminine touches like lace.

3 Briefs

Ladies who opt for briefs love the simplicities of life, as well as to wear something pretty easy and basic but which is super comfortable! Unlike other people might, you don't tend to pay too much attention to your choice of underwear as being comfy is the way to go!

4 G-string

Ladies who wear G-strings are generally super cheeky and value their sexuality. They love to show off their body in a way that makes them feel super sexy and always ready to have fun!

5 Lingerie

Lingerie lovers adore anything lacey and intricate! They believe a girl can never own too much lingerie so why not buy a few more?! They love anything that speaks to their femininity which they can always feel gorgeous in!

6 Bikini-cut Underwear

Ladies who wear bikini-cut underwear are usually more on the confident side and enjoy mixing and matching different pieces to create a great outfit. Another thing they love about underwear cut like a bikini is that it can double up as an actual bikini for sunbathing, tanning and spontaneous dips at the beach!

7 Granny Panties

Ladies who opt for this style don't have time nor wish to please others with their choice of underwear. They love to feel comfortable and therefore opt for anything functional that is without the lace, frills or any other additions. Who wants to worry about what others think of them, anyway? Ain't no one got time for that!

8 No Underwear

Ladies who choose to wear no underwear at all are often known as rebels who love to take a walk on the wild side whenever they can! They don't like to stick to any 'rules' or social norms, in fact, they enjoy stepping outside of any expectations so that they can do their own thing and feel free!

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