What Your Preferred Fashion Style Says about You ...


What  Your Preferred Fashion Style Says about You ...
What  Your Preferred Fashion Style Says about You ...

We can all put together an outfit but some of us develop a particular style. It isn't that we wear the same type of clothes all the time, we just develop a certain "look". This look can define us. Here is what your fashion style says about you.

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Classic Style

This style is deemed as a timeless approach to your choice of clothing. If you like elegant simple cuts, immaculate tailoring, and straight lines, then you love the classic look. You are sophisticated, love elegance, and want to look credible and dependable. Mostly, you must have an old soul. Example of these pieces are: black pumps, leather boots, little black dresses, white dress shirts, and something that screams polished.



Casual style renders fashion street wear. These are clothes that express comfort with style. If you love the casual look, then you love comfort and being unceremonious. You are relaxed, but confident. You are friendly, easygoing, and laid back. You just love the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. Examples are T-shirts, jeans, khakis, skirts, and dresses that are informal.



This is fashion that is associated with preparatory school. A style of tidy, understated, and often expensive clothes, young but classic. They have this common misconception that preppies are snobs. They are viewed as unapproachable, but this style also considers oneself worthy or valuable enough to express one’s opinion at all times. People who love this style have interest in preppy activities such as lacrosse, golf, polo sports, ballet, and playing tennis. Also, they appreciate manners and etiquette. Their clothes of choice are polos abundantly, Oxford shirts, plaids, tea-length dresses, chino pants, Bermuda shorts, traditional cricket sweaters, and blue blazers.



There are people who does really love to always look sporty. These people are mostly fitness obsessed, wholesome and energetic. You are by fair means a team player and a health junkie. You are laid back, athletic, tend to be fiercely loyal, love fun and adventure. Examples of the this look are: cargo pants, jumpsuits, sports wear, runner shoes, knit sweaters, and T-shirts.



This is often perceived as trendy and fashionable. You tend to choose trends than high street. You love simple, neutral, elegant, comfortable pieces put together for a groomed and polished look. This style denotes that you are a mellow kind of person, you think before you act and you are very amiable, and tend to be a lover of coordination. You are smart and stylish. You are stylish but not overdoing it. You gravitate towards these clothes: cute dresses, feminine blouses, skirts and dresses with belts, wedges, and other styles that exude playfully stylish.

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