10 Must-have Clothing Items for Every Wardrobe ...


10 Must-have Clothing Items for Every Wardrobe ...
10 Must-have Clothing Items for Every Wardrobe ...

That post-holiday season spending depression has come around rather quickly again this year, meaning that getting ready for a new year sans new wardrobe is something of a reality for many a fashionista. Credit card bills, school fees, and kids stationery requirements all seem to land in a heap all at once, making us all wonder how it is that we are going to have anything left over for ourselves this year at all.

But luckily, when it comes to fashion and the most discerning wardrobe, it is actually less about new, less about quantity, less about quality and more about savvy wardrobe planning. With the following 10 must-have clothing items in your wardrobe, nobody need be any the wiser that you picked up a few necessities in the post-holiday sales bin.

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A Black Pencil Skirt

This sleek, chic and flattering little number is the ultimate wardrobe must-have – any season. You can dress it up, dress it down, take it to work, take it to the opera, take it to the mall, take it to dinner and take it to cocktails or dinner with the in-laws. Flattering with ballet pumps, knee-high boots, wedges and flats, this is one of those wardrobe items that is sadly totally underrated, but that you should not go without. A versatile and go-to fashion item that can whip up a polished look in a jiffy.


Dark Wash Jeans

The secret with this item is all about the fit, and it doesn’t matter about your weight here ladies – it’s all about shaking what your mama gave you. Badly fitting jeans can make you look sloppy and unkempt, but jeans that hug your curves and show off your figure, and that are the right length, can really do wonders for confidence. If you are somebody that struggles to find jeans that fit, take the time to book a consultation at one of the specialist jeans stores, and spend a bit more; it will be worth it.


Good White Shirt

The ideal choice here would be a good quality, crisp, no iron, cotton shirt that fits you perfectly. A good white shirt is to a wardrobe like what pasta is to a pantry – it will go with anything, looks good with everything and can go from day to night with a few sassy accessories in a flash. Good to go, clean cut and well groomed is everything the good white shirt is all about.


The Cardi

Now is the time to grab that cashmere cardi off of the sales racks after the holiday season, as cashmere is the ultimate indulgence for your everyday wardrobe. If the pennies are really pinching and don’t allow it, then don’t panic; you can get some seriously affordable knits off the rack that are cheap and cheerful, but thankfully don’t look it. Buy a couple in different colours, and if they are not real cashmere, don’t wash them too often, as that is when they start to lose their shape and let it all hang out, giving away their price tag.


Glamorous Coat

In between seasons it is difficult to know what to wear as the weather changes and the temperature is unpredictable. You can wear layers, but when you get too warm, you will be stuffing cardis and jumpers into your handbag or under your desk and just, well, feel dishevelled. A magnificent coat can deal with all of your weather woes in the meantime. Hook up with a slick black peacoat or a timeless fitted trench coat for all seasons. You will always look glamorous and groomed, whether you are wearing jeans, a skirt or a dress.


Black Pants

Again, those coveted black pants are all about fit – and not all about price. If you have a great, snug pair of fitted black pants, you can take over the world. Rushing from the office to a cocktail party? Stash your pumps in your desk drawer, pop on some kitten heels, a splash of red lipstick, let your hair down and crank up the bling accessories and you are good to go.


Little Black Dress

There is not much that needs to be said about this one. This is part one of any staple fashion diet. Anything and everything go with the little black frock. You can make it your own with a few skilful accessory moves and the best part is, thanks to accessories that nobody will ever realise that you have worn your favourite little black number again and again. Splurge on this one if you can, in fact, if it is possible get it made just for you, it will show.


Chic Flats

Audrey Hepburn was the ultimate mistress of glamour, and is still considered to be a legendary fashion icon that will last a life time. And she brought us the love of the ballet flats. She loved her flatties and it became an iconic distinction with style and grace all over the world. Invest in a pair of good quality, stylish flats that you can pair with everything from jeans to slacks.



The pashmina is my personal favourite wardrobe item. It is something that is luxurious, feels indulgent and remains a statement of style and elegance. Plus they are affordable enough to have a couple in different colours. Practical and chic, they can be worn with anything and are good to go for every season of the year. Perfect for keeping a pair of shoulders warm from a night chill, keeping your neck toasty under your overcoat. Need to protect your freshly styled hair or want to shield yourself from some unplanned sunshine – think Jackie Kennedy and you are covered.


Snug Underwear

Ill-fitting underwear is actually a fashion sin – and one that all of us commit again and again. Bras cut into us, actually create back fat where there is none, don’t support our ladies bits enough leading to sagging – gasp – and knickers, well they ride, chafe, slump, bunch up and create bulges and lumps – double gasp. Hello?! Ladies this is the 21st century, there is no excuse. Get a professional to measure you, and get the right ahem, products for the job. Thank you universe for Lycra.

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