36 Adorable Crop Tops to Show off Your Midriff ...


Crop tops were a big trend last spring and it seems like craze around them has yet to die down!

They've become so popular that now you can even spot them on the red carpet worn by the hottest celebrities in the industry, so gowns and dresses make some room!

Clearly we all love the look of crop tops.2

They are a great way to show some skin in a very sexy and chic but yet tasteful manner.2

Just take a look at the following examples.2

1. Scalloped Hem Eyelet Crop Top

Scalloped Hem Eyelet Crop Top

Via Beautiful Clothes and Hair

Crop tops look stunning paired with high waisted wide-leg pants.

In this case, the white scalloped top balances out the bold pattern of the pants, so the two pieces complement each other perfectly!2

2. Stitch Inspired Crop Top

Stitch Inspired Crop Top

Via Stitch Inspired Crop Top

Perfect top to pair with a lacy bralette and distressed shorts for a casual day out in the summer!

3. Lolita Crop Top

Lolita Crop Top

Via nastygal.com

This sexy crop top exposes your shoulders in a very tasteful manner, covering plenty to make it appropriate and revealing enough for a flirty look.2

4. Pineapple Crop Top

Pineapple Crop Top

Via Pineapple Crop Top

Airy hipster top referencing to a universally loved show, most of us grew up with!

5. Crochet Lace Crop Top

Crochet Lace Crop Top

Via Tops | WOMEN | Forever ...

Elegant off the shoulder crop top, which can be dressed up or down for any type of event.

You can be confident the money spent on it will be worth it!

6. Abstract Black and White Top

Abstract Black and White Top

Via fashforfashion -♛ STYLE INSPIRATIONS♛

Crop tops are best paired with high waisted maxi skirts because not only does the whole ensemble look stylish and elegant, but it gives you the freedom to move around instead of making you feel restricted in your own clothing.

Mesh Rose Crop Top
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