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8 Best Lingerie Options to Wear on Valentines Day ...

By Carly

I’ve created a list of the best lingerie to make you feel sexy on Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday all about celebrating love and romance. If you’re in a relationship, it’s a day to appreciate your man and feel lucky that he’s a part of your life. If you’re not in love, don’t stress. Have faith and know that Mr. Right is out there. It will happen for you one day when the timing. I personally love lingerie. When I walk into a lingerie store, I’m immediately overjoyed with how beautiful everything is. I was taught from a young age that lingerie is something you can wear to make you feel sexy. I don’t equate being single with wearing granny panties or being in a relationship with lace and thigh highs. Starting your day off wearing something sensual gives you an extra boost of confidence, exclusively for you. It’s like starting your day with a secret. And, when you have a man, sure, he’ll absolutely love it too. On that note, everyone can always manage to improve their lingerie collection. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what you wear underneath your clothes should make you feel super flirtatious. Whether you favor bustiers, bras, panties, or lacy little negligees, these ideas are helpful to make you feel a little racy and extra confident. Read on to see the best lingerie to make you feel sexy on Valentine’s Day.

Table of contents:

  1. A negligee
  2. A form fitted bustier
  3. A shaping corset top
  4. Silk pjs
  5. A playsuit
  6. Bras and panties
  7. Thigh highs
  8. A satin robe

1 A Negligee

The definition of sexy is different for everyone. No one can tell you what you should feel desirable in. A negligee is a happy medium between a bustier outfit and a bra and panties. It’s a great option for the best lingerie to make you feel sexy.

2 A Form Fitted Bustier

Bustiers are a little more risqué. Sure, they're super attention-grabbing. But, if you can't wear one on Valentine's Day, then when? A form-fitting bustier can be worn underneath a dress, so it’s like a secret surprise.

3 A Shaping Corset Top

A shaping corset top is an easy way to feel va-va-voom in a matter of seconds. You’re channeling your inner Kim Kardashian and making yourself look and feel extra curvy.

4 Silk PJs

Don’t underestimate the power of silk pjs. Even though you’re covered up, it’s still seductive. If you prefer wearing something a bit more covered up than revealing lingerie, a pair of luxurious and super sexy silk PJs are perfect for you this Valentine's Day!

5 A Playsuit

If you’re into exploring your wild side, a playsuit is a fabulous option for you. You can even feel a little 50 Shades of Grey in it. If you wanna spice things up a little, opt for a sheer chiffon playsuit in a simple but sexy color like black!

6 Bras and Panties

A good bra can make you feel like a whole new woman. Trust me. Everyone has been there. The power of a bra and panty being your go-to lingerie immediately has the ability to make you feel like the sexiest woman alive.

7 Thigh Highs

Thigh highs are an extra add on to any outfit. If you don’t feel comfy in lingerie, thigh highs are a good twist. If you’re cool with flaunting yourself, thigh highs are an added bonus.

8 A Satin Robe

A satin robe enables you to feel demure but still suggestive. It’s also one of the coziest things you can own. Keep your lingerie a surprise by covering up with a super silky satin robe.

Remember, lingerie is all about what suits your style. It’s imperative that you feel confident in whatever you choose to wear. Do you have anything to add to the list that makes you feel great?

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