13 Adorable but Affordable Sites for Buying Lingerie ...

By Holly

13 Adorable but Affordable Sites for Buying Lingerie ...

Your man deserves a special treat every once in a while, doesn't he? Lingerie will not only make him drool, but it'll boost your confidence. There's no greater feeling than wearing something you know makes your body look stunning. Here are a few adorable, but affordable sites for lingerie, so you can impress your man and yourself with your beauty:

1 Yandy

Yandy has absolutely everything you (and your boyfriend) could dream of. It has tons of different types of lingerie, swimwear, and accessories. You even get a free pair of adorable underwear with any purchase! The best part? There are plenty of items that look expensive that cost under $10. You're not going to find deals this great anywhere else, so I highly suggest that you visit it. There's no harm in browsing, after all.

2 Victoria's Secret

You guessed it, VictoriasSecret has to be on the list! Like always, they're still stocking the most unbelievably beautiful underwear - perfect for all you lingerie lovers out there!

3 Cheap Lingerie

The name tells you everything you need to know. CheapLingerie has a lot of cheap but sexy corsets, dresses, and baby dolls for you and your man to enjoy. There's even a clearance section that has items costing as low as $5. This site proves that you don't need to hurt your wallet in order to look hot.

4 Azalea

You must check out Azalea which stocks a super luxurious lingerie under the name 'Lonely'. This is actually a New Zealand based brand so I can highly recommend their 'Lonely Hearts' lingerie - everyone's raving about them over here! Just to sweeten the deal, if you sign up with Azalea you look forward to 15% off your next order!

5 Lingerie More

LingerieMore has stockings, sleepwear, swimsuit coverups, and of course plenty of lingerie. There are even some cute Halloween costumes that you could buy. It doesn't matter if October is far away, because you can always dress up for your man in the bedroom. It'll be a sexy little surprise that he'll adore.

6 La Perla

I know what you're thinking...LaPerla looks kind of expensive, right? Well actually, if you wait until their January and July sales you'll be able to pick up these luxurious pieces for amazingly affordable prices! La Perla has the best lingerie in the world, as far as we're concerned!

7 Lingerie Diva

LingerieDiva has way more than just lingerie. It also has boots, wigs, and bra sets. If you only wear plus sizes, then there's nothing to worry about, because this site has an entire section for you. There's no reason to stress about your weight, because you'll look as stunning as any other woman would. It's all about your confidence, not your size.

8 Cosabella

Can you guess what Cosabella means in Italian? 'Beautiful thing', of course! How else could we describe their amazing range of lingerie, sleepwear and apparel?

9 Rose Gal

This site has free shipping world wide! That means you won't have to worry about paying extra for air fair. All of your money will go toward the adorable items that you'll be buying. Rosegal is useful, because it has tons of different styles to pick from. There's lacy lingerie, colorful lingerie, and cutout lingerie. It has everything you could possibly need, so you won't have to look elsewhere.

10 Sammy Dress

SammyDress isn't only a lingerie website. They also sell bags, watches, jewelry, and everyday outfits. Of course, that doesn't mean their lingerie section isn't to die for. It has plenty of sexy options to choose from, all of which are on the cheap side.

11 Agent Provocateur

AgentProvocateur is another great place to shop for some beautiful, great quality pieces. Did you know they've got up to 70% off right now?! You'd better get over there quick and check them out before the sale ends!

12 10 Dollar Mall

Here's another place to look for lingerie. 10DollarMall has any type of clothing that you need, so you don't have to limit yourself to lingerie. You could also buy an outfit for the party you're going to this weekend or new shoes for work. They have it all.

13 Natori

Natori is our last great recommendation for affordable and yet totally gorgeous lingerie. Here you can stock up on your favourite styles and look forward to 10% off your next order!

Don't allow big named designers to rip you off when it comes to lingerie. Only you and your man will be seeing it, so you should try to get the best deal you can. There's no sense in wasting hundreds of dollars when you can purchase something just as sexy for a few bucks. Where do you usually buy your lingerie?

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