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Most women have several different types of panties in their underwear drawer. Did you know that different panties are good for different clothing choices and occasion? It’s good to have some variety in the types of panties in your underwear drawer to choose from. It’s easy to get stuck on a favorite style. Maybe this article can inspire you to try something new.

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One of the types of panties many of us have gotten away from is briefs. A lot of ladies don’t find them as fashionable as other panty types. But briefs do have their place. They’re a good choice when you’re on your period. They’re also a good choice if you’re recovering from a c-section or other abdominal surgery because they usually won’t hit your incision.



Bikinis are a good choice for everyday panties. They seem to fit most women well and stay in place which is an important factor. Bikinis are good for everyday clothing choices. Some of them can show panty lines so that’s something you have to watch for. The amount of panty line that shows generally depends on the type of trim the bikini panty has.



Girls either love or hate thongs. It’s a panty that you usually have strong feelings for. Thongs are great for when you’re wearing something that you know will show panty lines. They’re an especially great choice when wearing polyester slacks, skirts or dresses since polyester tends to show panty lines quite easily. It’s good to have a pair or two of thong panties tucked back for those times even if it isn’t your favorite type.


Thongs also have the added benefit of being invisible under form-fitting clothes, letting you feel more confident and put-together. When it comes to materials, opt for cotton or seamless fabrics for everyday comfort, and reserve silk or lace designs for those special occasions that call for something a bit more sophisticated. Remember, while comfort is key, don't shy away from exploring different styles to find what works best with your wardrobe and body type. Just make sure to correctly size them for the perfect fit—too tight and they can be uncomfortable, too loose and they won’t provide the smooth silhouette you're after.


String Bikinis

String bikinis don’t seem to have as much popularity they used to but they’re still a cute choice in panties. They do have a big drawback, though. They can bunch up easily if there’s any bit of extra fabric at all. For this reason, it’s important to choose string bikinis that fit you perfectly. Making sure the fit is snug can eliminate any bunching problems.



Hipsters are a great alternative to choose in panties. They’ve really gained popularity in the last few years and for good reason. They fit well, especially if you have more of a pear body shape. They can be worn with a variety of clothing choices and aren’t bad about showing panty lines because the panties tend to cut a little lower on the bottom. They’re also incredibly comfortable while being cute at the same time.


Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are another relatively new choice in panties. They’ve become very popular because of their unique shape and fit. If you’re looking for something a little different in the panty department, try a pair of boy shorts. They’re also a good choice if panty lines tend to be an issue for you, because of the low cut on the upper leg. They’re great to wear with practically anything.



G-strings are the thong’s even racier cousin. If you want to feel a little sexier, a G-string can do that for you. They have even less fabric than the thong and only cover the bare minimum. You’ll have no panty lines whatsoever with a G-string because the panty is practically not there. They aren’t a panty choice everyone loves but it’s one to try if you’re in the mood to be adventurous.

These are 7 different types of panties and a bit of information on when you might want to wear each one. What kind of panty girl are you? Share why you love your favorite style.

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*like my lace underwear

Interesting, but perhaps it might have been better with some pictures alongside each description... I'm not sure I really understand the difference, for example, between briefs & hipsters...

I love cheeky or brazil cut panties

@ Shona briefs and hipsters offer about the same bottom coverage. Hipsters tend to sit around mid-hip whereas briefs sit higher, typically somewhere between the natural waist and top of the hip. Hipsters are a good option for those who like the shape and coverage of a brief but need panties that sit lower, and briefs, at least in terms of shape wear, are better for holding in a little bit of a tummy since they sit higher

No g-strings no thongs not happening ever

I have massive muffin top with a thong/g string, maybe i need to get new ones 😅 I don't mind wearing them but it feels very naked when u do haha

For some of us who don't have a thigh gap, boy shorts are perfect for days when you know you will be walking a lot. They have saved me from multiple days of chaffing!

You forgot the french cut! I love wide band bonds hipsters and I have so many thongs they have their own basket in my closet but french cut are my new fav, they offer coverage so if you ever have a Marilyn Monroe moment your covered, and I think they look amazing on skinny and curvy, teen to middle aged ladies

OK so don't judge me- I have a pair of cotton bikini underwear that I always seem to put on when I have a serious flu bug. They're not particularly attractive-definitely not sexy but they have Tigger the tiger and flower print. They are oddly comforting when I'm feeling so sick and nauseous. Hey I said don't judge me...

I hate thongs. Feel like something is riding up my butt

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