9 Fashion Icons Your Daughter Should Look up to ...


While Hollywood is filled with tons of fashion icons, a lot of them are too adult like or scandalous to be good fashion role models for your daughter.

It is important for your daughter to have good fashion icons because her style growing up will influence her style as an adult.

You want to teach her the appropriate ways to dress while still letting her choose her own unique style.

Ranging from young to old, here are some of the best fashion icons for your daughter to look up to.2

1. The Obama Girls

The Obama Girls

While some fashionistas focus on Michelle Obama, the Obama girls are the perfect fashion icons for your daughter.

Sasha and Malia dress like miniature versions of their mother, but in an age-appropriate way.

They have evolved from young girls into young women in a fashion forward way.

They can be seen in shift dresses and pea coats at their father's presidential events, but opt for more relaxed, younger-looking outfits like jeans and cardigans for a casual look.

2. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has never been the celebrity to flash too much skin and that is a style rule you want to instill in your daughter early on.

She has always dressed modestly while still being able to be sexy.

When your daughter reaches that age where she wants to start dressing to impress boys, it is important to teach her that flashing skin is not the right way to go about it.

Emma dresses for no one but herself and that is the best thing to look for in fashion icons.

3. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Similar to Emma Watson, Kate Middleton has never flashed her skin.3

She is always well put together and modest.

If your daughter is more of a girly-girl, she will love to wear dresses like Kate is known for.

Kate knows how to dress modestly and fashionably while still flattering her body type.

Jackie Kennedy
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