59 Steampunk Fashion Ideas You Are Going to Love ...


Steampunk fashion is gaining in popularity, which means you can probably see people sporting it more often.

Steampunk refers to the art of re-imagining modern technology against the backdrop of steam powered technology, like what you'd find in Victorian times or the old Wild West.

Steampunk fashion includes these items, in addition to clothing and jewelry that highlights the trend.

Check out these ideas and you'll have a better idea of what steampunk is.

1. Silver Wing Key

Silver Wing Key

Via Steampunk Key

This steampunk fashion makes a great pendant for a necklace or keychain.

2. Steampunk Camera

Steampunk Camera

Via kolaverism.blogspot.hu

It looks old timey, but works much like modern cameras do.

What a great combination of the past and present, don't you think?

3. Beautiful Necklace

Beautiful Necklace

Via Busy

Clearly, this necklace isn't really from Victorian times, but it nicely epitomizes the steampunk trend and is reminiscent of the era.

4. Gothic Victorian Bustle Jacket

Gothic Victorian Bustle Jacket

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

This style of clothing is part of the steampunk trend and is a modern take on the old Victorian way of dressing.2

5. Steampunk Feather Headpiece

Steampunk Feather Headpiece

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

I love how this headband is steampunk without going overboard.

6. Steampunk Nail Art

Steampunk Nail Art

Via Nails by Stoneageaccess on Indulgy.com

Nail art is huge right now and is a fun way to try out the steampunk trend.

7. Belt


Via Items similar to brown Steampunk ...

This steampunk belt comes equipped with all sorts of embellishments.

I love how it looks with this skirt and shirt.

8. Victorian Cuff Bracelet

Victorian Cuff Bracelet

Via Beautiful Gothic Victorian Cuff Bracelet ...

This beautiful bracelet is perfect for outfitting yourself in all things steampunk.

9. Mechanical Clock

Mechanical Clock

Via Mechanical Clock 6 — Steampunk ...

Inventions like this are what steampunk is all about.3

10. Entire Outfit

Entire Outfit

Via Wave Gothic Festival

This guy knows how to get decked out in the steampunk fashion trend!

Leather Holster
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