The Hottest πŸ”₯ Outfit Notes πŸ“ of 2017 to Have Your Style on Point 😎 ...


It's sort of a chicken and the egg thing, isn't it: does the fashion world take style cues from our fave celebs, or is it the other way round?

I suppose we'll never know β€” and really, does it matter?

β€” with so many oh-so-savvy celebs to give us style inspo.

Truly, looking at what Olivia Palermo, Selena Gomez, and Bella Hadid have been wearing, and how they've been wearing it, we already know what to wear, and how, right?

Here are a few examples fresh for 2017, a few style cues to copy.

1. Kate Bosworth's Take on the LBD

Extra TV, clothing, flooring, little black dress, dress,

There's nothing more classic, more essential, than an LBD.

It's an iconic staple, and here Kate Bosworth shows us how we should be wearing one this season: with a pop of color.

Here's an example of an LBD with a little color you can add to your closet...

Free People Oxford Mini Dress

clothing, sleeve, dress, outerwear, photo shoot,

Price: $128 at

2. Alexa Chung's 70's-Inspired Graphic Tee

color, clothing, red, footwear, fashion,

This is such a fab casual outfit!

It's the same retro-feel graphic tee and jeans we'd wear, paired with a colorful cardi and ballet flats.

We can wear this look too, and here's how...

Bob Marley One Love Tee

white, clothing, t shirt, sleeve, photo shoot,

Price: $68 at

Cheeky Boyfriend Jeans

jeans, denim, clothing, blue, footwear,

Price: $275 at

Dupre Cardi

clothing, outerwear, sweater, cardigan, sleeve,

Price: $168 at

3. Kendall Jenner's Proportions

clothing, fashion, fashion show, spring, fur,

I don't mean the proportions of her figure, but rather how she kills this basic tenet of fashion: cropped jacket and high-waist pants.

Here's how we mere mortals can copy her look.

Size Me Up Cropped Suede Jacket

clothing, white, jacket, outerwear, leather,

Price: $320 at

Brandywine Cozy Trouser

clothing, jeans, denim, outerwear, sleeve,

Price: $168 at

4. Bella Hadid's Funky Jeans

clothing, footwear, road, street, fashion,

Take away Bella's take on jeans, and swap them for regular skinnies or boyfriend jeans, and this outfit is just...


But her flame-embroidered cropped jeans make this outfit stellar (and that lace top just adds something extra).

Let's steal her look, shall we?

Bedazzled Layering Top

clothing, red, pink, sleeve, maroon,

Price: $88 at

Jackie Embroidered Skinny Jeans

clothing, sleeve, jeans, denim, pocket,

Price: $128 at

Selena's Sweater & Jeans
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