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36 Adorable Crop Tops to Show off Your Midriff ...

By Vladlena

Crop tops were a big trend last spring and it seems like craze around them has yet to die down! They've become so popular that now you can even spot them on the red carpet worn by the hottest celebrities in the industry, so gowns and dresses make some room! Clearly we all love the look of crop tops. They are a great way to show some skin in a very sexy and chic but yet tasteful manner. Just take a look at the following examples.

1 Scalloped Hem Eyelet Crop Top

Scalloped Hem Eyelet Crop Top Via Beautiful Clothes and Hair

Crop tops look stunning paired with high waisted wide-leg pants. In this case, the white scalloped top balances out the bold pattern of the pants, so the two pieces complement each other perfectly!

2 Stitch Inspired Crop Top

Stitch Inspired Crop Top Via Stitch Inspired Crop Top

Perfect top to pair with a lacy bralette and distressed shorts for a casual day out in the summer!

3 Lolita Crop Top

Lolita Crop Top Via

This sexy crop top exposes your shoulders in a very tasteful manner, covering plenty to make it appropriate and revealing enough for a flirty look.

4 Pineapple Crop Top

Pineapple Crop Top Via Pineapple Crop Top

Airy hipster top referencing to a universally loved show, most of us grew up with!

5 Crochet Lace Crop Top

Crochet Lace Crop Top Via Tops | WOMEN | Forever ...

Elegant off the shoulder crop top, which can be dressed up or down for any type of event. You can be confident the money spent on it will be worth it!

6 Abstract Black and White Top

Abstract Black and White Top Via fashforfashion -♛ STYLE INSPIRATIONS♛

Crop tops are best paired with high waisted maxi skirts because not only does the whole ensemble look stylish and elegant, but it gives you the freedom to move around instead of making you feel restricted in your own clothing.

7 Mesh Rose Crop Top

Mesh Rose Crop Top Via Tops | WOMEN | Forever ...

This eccentric mesh top is a must-have piece if you want something that will make you stand out from the crowd. It's perfect to pair with a bandeau and as in this case, a pair of good old shorts.

8 Crotchet Trim Crop Top

Crotchet Trim Crop Top Via Tops | WOMEN | Forever ...

Crotchet bralette tops are definitely daring pieces that work well with oversized outerwear and a pair of distressed skinnies!

9 Rose Tattoo Crop Top

Rose Tattoo Crop Top Via

Very modern off the shoulder crop top that not many people will be brave enough to wear!

10 Arctic Monkeys Crop Top Tank

Arctic Monkeys Crop Top Tank Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

Cropped band shirts with rolled up sleeves are something that is present in every closet of this generation's youth.

11 Ruffled Embroidered Mesh Crop Tank

Ruffled Embroidered Mesh Crop Tank Via Free People Femme Fatale Crop ...

This mesh crop top gives off a very bohemian and girly vibe with crochet detailing on the straps as well on the bust.

12 Botanical Crochet Crop Top

Botanical Crochet Crop Top Via Tops | WOMEN | Forever ...

This top gives off a very athletic and casual vibe while the crochet detailing at the hem adds a little femininity.

13 Floral Crop Top

Floral Crop Top Via

The neckline is deep enough to reveal the collarbones and the pattern is bold enough to catch attention. This shirt is a must-have!

14 White Flowy Crop Top

White Flowy Crop Top Via fαѕнισи fυи

This light and flowy crop top is perfect for the summer to accentuate your dark tan and add more youth to your outfit.

15 Floral Zip up Crop Top

Floral Zip up Crop Top Via Art Symphony: Hippie Style

Very flattering piece with a floral print to help you ease into bold patterns and a zipper in the front for more interesting detail.

16 Classic Crop Top with Matching Skirt

Classic Crop Top with Matching Skirt Via Sexy / Classic / Cool

Gorgeous vintage two-piece exposing a little bit of midriff!

17 Antique Roses Crop Top

Antique Roses Crop Top Via Items similar to Antique roses ...

Perfect little bustier style crop top with limitless outfit possibilities!

18 Simple White Crop Top

Simple White Crop Top Via How to Dress for Point ...

Elegant white crop tops are a must for the summer. They are perfect to pair with high waisted shorts, jeans or even maxi skirts and they will surely keep you cool.

19 Black Scalloped Crop Top

Black Scalloped Crop Top Via

Adorable tight-fit scalloped crop top perfect for a dinner date or a casual day out.

20 Black Wrap Crop Top

Black Wrap Crop Top Via READING FORTUNES

Just an example of how a gorgeous halter neck crop top can be incorporated into a formal and glamorous outfit.

21 Red and Black Striped Cropped Top

Red and Black Striped Cropped Top Via Aquí y ahora

Can't go wrong with a pair of black skinnies, converse and a striped long sleeved crop top for a day out.

22 Beach Bohemian Crochet Tie

Beach Bohemian Crochet Tie Via Items similar to Beach Bohemian ...

Gorgeous little piece you can revolve your whole outfit around!

23 Peachy Scalloped Hem Crop Top

Peachy Scalloped Hem Crop Top Via summer!

Loose peachy top perfect for layering!

24 Simple White Crop Top

Simple White Crop Top Via Made With Fashion | a ...

Simple wardrobe pieces like this are crucial for putting together daring and bold outfits!

25 Cropped Sweater

Cropped Sweater Via My New Style

Long sleeved cropped tops can gradually be brought into fall by laying up pieces and incorporating fall colors!

26 Black Cropped Sweater

Black Cropped Sweater Via How to Wear: Crop Tops

Absolutely in love with how the cropped sweater was paired over a long collared shirt. It's definitely not something for everything but it's bold and unique. Fashion really follows no rules and boy am I glad!

27 Off Shoulder Black Floral Crop Top

Off Shoulder Black Floral Crop Top Via FashionBlogDirect

Cute off the shoulder ruffled top that is very appropriate for the summer and perfect for spending a day on the beach.

28 Tight Floral Crop Top

Tight Floral Crop Top Via Freedom †

This adorable tight-fit crop top will surely show off your abs and add a little color to your wardrobe.

29 River Island Striped Crop Top

River Island Striped Crop Top Via

Staple striped crop top that works well with absolutely anything.

30 Sleeveless Crochet Crop Top

Sleeveless Crochet Crop Top Via

Very refreshing and ultra feminine crop top with a very girly silhouette and a modern feel.

31 White Cropped Bralette

White Cropped Bralette Via

Supportive white brallete top that will serve you for many seasons and many years!

32 Classy Ruffled Crop Top

Classy Ruffled Crop Top Via Atlantic-Pacific: full length floral

Elegant ruffled top that works well with bold pieces but doesn't fail to stand out on its own.

33 For Love & Lemons Grace Crop Top

For Love & Lemons Grace Crop Top Via For Love & Lemons Grace ...

Unique lace top with so much detailing at the hem, you will rarely find in the stores!

34 Simple V-neck Crop Top

Simple V-neck Crop Top Via Anna Elizabeth Events - Blog

Classic and simple white top, you will not regret adding to your closet collection!

35 Lace White Crop Top

Lace White Crop Top Via when in doubt, crop it ...

One of my favorite must-find pieces with very intricate detailing all throughout!

36 Simple Long Sleeved Crop Top

Simple Long Sleeved Crop Top Via How to Wear: Crop Tops

One of the many closet necessities, you will regret not buying in the future.

Crop tops are definitely here to stay. They are taking over catwalks, red carpets and of course becoming a classic piece when it comes to street style! What is your favorite way to style crop tops? Share your fashion tips in the comments!

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