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Going back to school isn't all bad; there are new classes, new friends, and new, snazzy back to school dresses! If you love to shop, then you should love school and all the excuses it gives you to shop all year long! But back to school dresses may just be the most important purchases you make, so start shopping now!

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Crocheted Shift Dress

Crocheted Shift Dress One great option with which you can begin your back to school collection is this crocheted shift dress from Forever 21. It's blingy, elegant, and fabulous! You will draw so much attention in this glamorous outfit, which is still casual enough to wear as you strut the halls this school year.


Sweeten the Scene Dress

Sweeten the Scene Dress Modcloth has dresses for virtually any occasion! And their casual dresses this fall just scream back to school fashion! Styles like this sweet, modest dress deserve a hanger in your closet this school year. You can modernize this classic look with some statement jewelry and a funky hairstyle to make a lasting impression on your peers!


Aztec Maxi Dress

Aztec Maxi Dress Here in California, the sun still hasn't quit! But that only means one thing: summer styles can prevail! If you're in a summery spot around the world, a back to school style for you might be an Aztec maxi dress. Lucky for you, you can find this look at Target, which means it's affordable and adorable!


Printed Three-quarter-sleeve Dress

Printed Three-quarter-sleeve Dress Another Aztec dress comes from Macy's, although this dress differs from the last as much as day to night! This dress's dark base makes it perfect for any season, so it will last you throughout the year. This month, you can wear it with some comfortable ballet flats, and November you can wear it with tights and boots! Therefore, this dress isn't just an impulsive buy based on looks, it's an absolute investment!


Surplice Flutter Sleeve Babydoll Dress

Surplice Flutter Sleeve Babydoll Dress I know the rule, no white after Labor Day, right? But this dress is so cute it makes it worth breaking all the rules! Nordstrom's babydoll dress is innocent yet flirtatious, perfect for starting off the new school year! You want to show off your figure, but remain relatively conservative, and this dress accomplishes just that! Pair this dress with some cute wedges and you've got yourself the perfect back to school ensemble!


Lace Dress

Lace Dress Lace is perfect for any and every occasion in my opinion. This lace dress with a bold cut-out will definitely turn heads at school this year. You'll be swimming in compliments whenever you wear this stunning, yet simple dress from H&M.


Sadie Cross Back Tea

Sadie Cross Back Tea Floral patterns are synonymous with femininity and beauty. This rose-covered dress with an interesting cut-out on the back will give you that confidence boost needed to take this school year by storm! When you look fierce, accomplishing your goals becomes so much easier, so why not wear something like this dress from Cotton On in order to conquer school this year?

I love the new school year for tons of reasons, but one of the best factors of the fall semester is all the shopping that must be done to restock my wardrobe! If you're a shopaholic too, which of these dresses do you want to buy? What other looks do you love?

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A bit too late, it's not "back to school" anymore. Most if not all schools should be open by now.

😁😕 UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

She means for summer/spring term, and these are all gorgeous!

None of these would fit my local high school dress code.

She probably means for next term

i love you so pretty every pic your pretty lol

These must be for college and not high school kids. Wow!

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