9 Adorable Floral Prints ...

Floral Prints are divine but you have to know how to wear them. I distinctly remember flouncing about in the most ridiculous floral, cotton ball gown as a five-year old child. I’d matched it with a pair of white patent leather Mary Janes and a pair of white socks that featured a stunning corona of lace around the ankle. For a long time, that was the only memory I had of floral prints. I went through a period where I was convinced it was nothing more than a puerile pattern appropriate only for children. I’ve since come to realize that floral prints are an essential and adorable part of any well-rounded wardrobe. These 8 adorable floral prints should definitely be on your It List.

1. Bright Floral Crop Tee

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Crop tops were hot this summer, and understandably so. Though they generally feature conservative necklines and sleeves, these shortened tees show off just enough skin above the belt to add an alluring hint to any outfit. Incorporating bright floral prints like this one counteracts that subtle sexiness by adding a demure touch. For those sensitive about their tummy, layer a tank underneath or pair with high-wasted grazers à la Urban Outfitters.

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