Missoni at Target Review ...


Missoni at Target Review ...
Missoni at Target Review ...

I haven't had the chance to get to a Target store since the new Missoniline came and most of it has sold out already! I'm in love with the prints and bold colors and who doesn't love a designer name for less! Danielle from EatBreatheBlog is back with us today to share her thoughts on the madness of Missoni at Targetand to give a product review on a few of the items from the line...
Missoni for Target...

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"I had planned a trip to the Windy City to visit some college friends for a show and hopefully check out a little bit of the capital of the Midwest. While en route (via Megabus, of course) I received some troubling news, my stepmother, who is in the Army, had her assignment in Afghanistan extended. It was a bummer and it showed when I arrived.

While brainstorming and scouring the Internet for what to do in Chicagothe idea of shopping therapy came up. For me, as for many others I bet, there is something intensely comforting in a sad moment about surrounding yourself in commerce and capitalism. Shopping therapy in Chicago can run you a few thousand if you’re not careful, so we decided to head to the flagship Target store on Clark and Roosevelt to keep costs down and avoid any crowd.

This turned out to be the wrong idea. As we got off the metro and walked up to the store, it seemed like the perfect day. Busy, it seemed, but no crowds. As soon as the red framed glass doors glided open, the façade fall, curling and wrapping around itself on the way to the white plastic tile of the Target.

The place was a madhouse! I couldn’t believe what was happening. Why were so many people at Target? Toilet paper shortage crisis? Apocalypse confirmed? Wrong. FASHION EMERGENCY.

Target and Missonicut a deal a while back that would provide the designer’s clothes at a low cost to Target shoppers. The line went on sale during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and sold out in six hours. I must have come toward the tail-end of that six hours because many were scraping the bottom of the barrel to grab the last Missoni pillow or accessory. The clothing racks were a wasteland of aluminum hangers. Later I heard that Target’s website was crashed by the riotous frenzy of the bargainistas. I admit, it is a pretty remarkable thing to see a top shelf designer selling affordable clothes at one of America’s most popular retailers; I guess in a recession, anything is possible, including the brazen exploitation of a good deal.

I didn’t end up finding anything at the Target – the place looked like a zoo that day – but when I visited again, this time in Georgia, everything was fully stocked and magnificent. The collection is surprisingly good, and not a dumbed down version of what Missoni might design for 'paying customers'."
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Missoni for Target Product Review...
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"I’ve never owned Missoni before, but I was pulled into the hype and decided to indulge in a few selections. By the time I was at the register I had managed to find a cute Cami Set, some flats, and a knit hoodie. The cami set was perfect for me, being that I’m a west-coaster at heart. It’s a chiffon piece made of 100% polyester – perhaps that’s where the savings come from? Despite that, the quality is up there. The stitching is surprising and the cut is perfect.

The hoodie is more of a casual piece that I can wear without feeling like I’m a freshman again. A quick glimpse at the Target racks will reveal that zig-zag stripes are the signature of Missoni. That being the case, it’s easy to overdose on the pattern, so I can’t really wear the flats with the hoodie unless I want to look like a psychedelic zebra. Individually though, all the stuff was fantastic.

The stuff is definitely not off the runway, but it looks good and is put together really well, so if you’re interested, I suggest checking out some pieces."

We're so glad Danielle found a few pieces since most of the Missoni line seems to be sold out in many Target stores and came back to AWSto share her thoughts with our readers! Stalkers, have you bought anything from the new Missoni for Target line?

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I do love Missoni and its great how the new designs are so much fresher

from what i've heard, a lot of people were very happy with the actual Missoni collection, but were a bit unhappy with how it all played out: not enough stock, problems with ordering online, not getting anything at all...so i'm very happy that i was able to get some Missoni items. :)

Guess the people in Oklahoma missed the memo because I was just at Target a couple of days ago and found a ton of Missoni stuff on clearance. Score for me.

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