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Crochet and lace are two of the hottest trends of the year, but sometimes it can be hard to find pieces that you absolutely love. If you're currently having that issue with your summer wardrobe, try this list for your greatest crochet and lace style inspiration!

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Lacy Sandals

Lacy Sandals Source: Cute Outfit Ideas of the
Not only are these sandals absolutely gorgeous, but they'd be great for a summer wedding!


White Dress

White Dress Source: White Strapless Sweetheart Crochet Lace
This full, lace dress is the perfect addition to your wardrobe no matter the time of the year.


Unique Lace Shirt

Unique Lace Shirt Source: Cute Grey Top With Beautiful
This lace number looks like it's a poncho and shirt hybrid, and that's almost what it is. The lace adds a unique look to your typical t-shirt.


Lace Maxi Dress

Lace Maxi Dress Source: The Best Ads Of Spring
Leave it to Gigi Hadid to rock this lace maxi dress so beautifully.


Sheer Black Lace

Sheer Black Lace Source: Black See-through O-neck Long Sleeves
This sheer dress is so chic and sophisticated with a sexy touch!


Gorgeous Lace Skirt

Gorgeous Lace Skirt Source: Crochet Chiffon dress
The only thing more beautiful than this lace skirt is the color contrast of the white and pink.


White and Black

White and Black Source: 18 “Do’s” For Wearing Cutoffs
This white lace top looks so amazing paired with the black cut-off shorts and hat!


Crochet Bag

Crochet Bag Source: Boho Leather Festival Bag with
If you're looking for the perfect crochet bag for a summer full of music festivals, this is it!


Floral Pants and a Crop Top

Floral Pants and a Crop Top Source: 20 Style Tips On How
These pants are amazing on their own, but when paired with a lace crop top, it becomes an instantly chic look!


Boho Chic

Boho Chic Source: Twilight Magic
This dress is absolutely gorgeous for any event, but I think it would make a perfectly gorgeous and unique cover up!


Long Sleeve Tee

Long Sleeve Tee Source: Stetson Gray Crocheted Henley Top
How often do you see a long sleeve t-shirt with such a pretty touch of pizzazz? I love the detailed crochet on the sleeves of this shirt!


Sheer Lace Kimono

Sheer Lace Kimono Source: Living In Yellow: April's Stitch
This sheer kimono adds a great touch of texture to any simple outfit.


Breathable Cotton

Breathable Cotton Source: Daily Chic Daily Chic
This cotton material is perfect for a cover up or day at the beach, but the crochet detailing turns this into an outfit you'll want to wear year-round!


Colorful Lace

Colorful Lace Source: Purple Dream Full Lace Skirt
Colorful lace is so rare, especially a color as rich and deep as this pretty purple. The silhouette of the skirt is just as pretty too!


Slouchy Crochet Dress

Slouchy Crochet Dress Source: 25 Summer Beach Outfits
This slouchy crochet dress is the perfect summer go-to look!


Flower Child

Flower Child Source: Free pattern how to make
Look boho chic in this simple, relaxed lace dress number. Put some flowers in your hair and you're good to go!


Ivory Tunic

Ivory Tunic Source:
Tunics never go out of style, especially one as effortlessly pretty as this one!


Off-White Lace Dress

Off-White Lace Dress Source: White Lace Dress Photo Tutorial
This pretty dress is pretty sheer, but it'd be a great cover up look!


Crochet in Ripped Jeans

Crochet in Ripped Jeans Source: Plaidipus mound: crochet patch
If your jeans have ripped but holes in your jeans aren't really your style, add something like this beautiful crochet design to give them new life!


Crochet Shorts

Crochet Shorts Source: DIY Crochet Lace Short Free
Lace and crochet shorts are some of the biggest shorts styles of the entire year!


Dark and Twisted

Dark and Twisted Source: Free People Juliet Lattice Fit
This darker twist on your typical lace tunic is so beautiful!


Maxi Skirt Number

Maxi Skirt Number Source: free pattern how to make
This long skirt is perfect for any flower child out there!


Crochet Polished Shirt

Crochet Polished Shirt Source: How to Wear Lace
Most crochet and lace numbers are associated with boho style, so to see it done in a polished way that works is so amazing!


Beautiful Design

Source: Lace + Me - Wachabuy
This is a design that I've always loved when I've seen it in other designs, and have wondered what it would look like in a dress form!


Crochet Top and Lace Kimono

Crochet Top and Lace Kimono Source: Cute Summer Outfits
The only thing better than this crochet crop top is the lace kimono that accompanies it!

What is your favorite crochet or lace number? Let me know in the comments!

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Love them!

Wow I love all of these it shows the link underneath where you can get them

References... Where can we find some of these

I still think lace looks good as underwear

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