Amazing New Places to Get Your Clothes and Accessories from ...


You might have favourite places that you love to shop, but it's always nice to try out new places every now and again and explore what other sites have to offer! ❤️

Keep reading for just a few amazing places to get your clothes and accessories from! After you've finished reading comment your own favourite stores and sites 🙊

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Kiko Cosmetics

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Kiko cosmetics is an amazing Italian brand that sells basically every product under the sun, from concealers and primers to even foot cream! This is the brand to shop is you're looking for anything beauty related.


Rare London

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Rare London is a UK website that has the most elegant and beautiful dresses you can imagine - perfect for special events, occasions and fabulous night's out with your man or girlfriends! I can't believe dresses only start at $7.33 as well.


Garage Clothing

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Garage Clothing is a super affordable Canadian brand that sell all your favourite basics and staple pieces! With dresses starting at only $10 you'll be sure to save money while shopping here.



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Lipsy is full of beautiful collections of the most gorgeous lacey pieces, and particularly lovable for anyone who loves a good bodycon dress which is super fitted and flattering in all the right places!



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You simply must shop at Missguided if you love super trendy and bold pieces that are bound to make a fashion statement! Use the regular discount codes to save extra money while you shop for your favourites.



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With the super generous discount codes it's hard not to love everything that Boohoo has to offer! Not only this, but they're pieces could not be more affordable so it's also a great place to shop for anyone looking to save money and still look fab!


Pretty Little Thing

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If you're someone who loves bright and colourful patterns and designs, Pretty Little Thing is definitely for you! Did you know that dresses start at only $7?! That's crazy affordable!


City Chic

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City Chic is a super fabulous Australian brand which plus size girls will love! Pieces such as dresses start at $36, so maybe not as affordable as some of the others on this list, but the fact that it's free shipping on all orders in the US totally makes up for it!

What's your favourite place to shop for when it comes to clothes and accessories?

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Rare London is out of business!!!

I've used Rare London and was shocked by the quality of the dress I brought. Fair it was in the sales but the finishing was terrible. Avoid at all causes 🙅🏾

Besides city chic, do any others offer free shipping? Cause that's what I prefer 🙂

Ive used city chic

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