The Wardrobe Essentials of 2017 for Fashion Forward Girls ...

By Helena

2017 is well on its way and we're seeing some of the most fabulous trends. From stripes to shiny, to pink and khaki, we're going to hit you with some of the most gorgeous trends of this year so that you can positively shine!

Go on, you deserve it!

1 Fun Platform Heels

clothing, footwear, lady, beauty, fashion, clothing, pattern, plaid, tartan, footwear, Get an awesome pair of platform heels for yourself and totally rock 2017.
DN, footwear, shoe, leg, sandal, $24.28 to $26.95 from

2 Slogan T-shirts

white, clothing, winter, denim, season, clothing, male, outerwear, fashion, jacket, Get your sass on with an expressive T! If the slogan, "The difference between pizza and your opinion is that I asked for pizza," speaks to you on a personal level, wear it proudly!
T Shirt, t shirt, clothing, black, sleeve, $17 from

3 Strong-shoulder Blazers

clothing, man, gentleman, eyewear, jacket, clothing, red, long hair, leg, outerwear, If you're a lover of hot pink, then you'll absolutely adore this double-breasted blazer!
clothing, outerwear, jacket, sleeve, pink, $8.17 to $9.65 from

4 Sneakers for Every Occasion

black, clothing, footwear, shoe, fashion, clothing, spring, pattern, outerwear, denim, Face it - sneakers are comfortable and completely awesome. Sport a radical Nike Juvenate sneaker and you'll be the envy of your friends.
footwear, shoe, white, sneakers, walking shoe, $85 from

5 Statement Wide-leg Pants

black, clothing, red, dress, pink, advertising, poster, brand, magazine, 3:30, Dress up by getting these leather wide-leg pants for a big night out! How cool are these?!
clothing, leg, fashion, abdomen, latex clothing, $44.71 from

6 Chain-strap Bags

clothing, blue, snapshot, fashion, dress, clothing, sleeve, outerwear, pattern, fashion, This faux leather cross-body chain-strap bag is just big enough to hold the essentials on girls night! Quite frankly, you need this bag!
handbag, bag, shoulder bag, brown, chain, $14.95 from

7 Dramatic Sleeve Tops

clothing, black, blue, dress, lady, hair, clothing, image, lady, girl, Awesome for a summer's day, this pink dramatic sleeve top with black choker style neckline will definitely turn heads.
clothing, sleeve, blouse, shirt, outerwear, $79 from

8 Vintage-style Jeans

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, jacket, leather, footwear, clothing, boot, leg, fashion, These ripped skinny jeans go perfectly with heels or simply a basic and comfortable pair of sneakers.
jeans, denim, clothing, trousers, pocket, $38,95 from

9 Pink Everything

color, clothing, pink, red, dress, clothing, pink, fur, cap, fur clothing, If you're opting for a sunny day in pink, pair it with MAC's nude lipstick. It's classic yet gorgeous.
MAC Lipstick, lipstick, cosmetics, product, lip, $17 from

10 Lacy Tops

clothing, sleeve, dress, arm, neck, hair, clothing, lady, undergarment, thigh, With lace, the possibilities are endless. You could go for a lacy top, shawl, lingerie, or even an adorable body-con lace dress.
dress, clothing, day dress, sleeve, cocktail dress, $75 from

11 Athletic Pieces

footwear, white, black, clothing, shoe, clothing, sleeve, footwear, magazine, fashion, Mix an athletic look with a bit of chic with these high-waist lattice leggings. They're comfortable for inside or out.
clothing, tights, trousers, leggings, active undergarment, $65 from

12 Cooler Khakis

clothing, road, street, footwear, infrastructure, hair, clothing, person, hairstyle, photography, Go for a bold choker tee in khaki and look cool as hell while showing off a little boobage. Win/win!
clothing, sleeve, t shirt, blouse, neck, $33 from

13 Bold Stripes

clothing, lady, leg, thigh, fashion, white, clothing, pink, sleeve, dress, Are you ready to make a bold statement this summer? Good! Because this striped two-piece is the perfect addition to any beach day!
swimwear, clothing, swimsuit bottom, active undergarment, swimsuit top, $52 from ‌‌

14 Daytime Shine

clothing, yellow, fashion, abdomen, shopping, Eiffel Tower, photograph, human positions, image, sitting, Pair a stunning pleated velvet skirt with a few great accessories and a simple top and you can be sure that you'll enjoy the sunshine all day long!
clothing, dress, pattern, cocktail dress, design, $100 from

Are you ready to make yourself known this year? Be loud, courageous, and bold because - you're too amazing not to.

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