Mistakes Most Women Make when Choosing Clothes ...

By Lucy

Mistakes Most Women Make when Choosing Clothes ...

Even though we've all been guilty of making a few fashion mistakes along the way, taking the time to find out why they were mistakes means we can only dress better with each day! 😄 😛 Keep reading to find out if you're guilty of making any of these super common mistakes when choosing clothes 🙊

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Too Many Decorations

One mistake women make with fashion is choosing clothes with too many decorations such as ruffles, folds and frills. Most of the time this is a sure way to add a couple of inches to your appearance. Instead, opt for clothes with minimal amounts of decorations to maintain your figure no matter what you wear!


Wide Horizontal Stripes

Similarly, if you want to avoid wearing anything that can easily cause you to lose your shape you had better add wide horizontal stripes to the list. As an alternative you should choose tiny prints or single colours which will allow you to appear much slimmer! A wide black belt around the waist can also be super flattering and a great way to go.


Bright Patterns

Not only can bright patterns sometimes appear quite busy on the eye, but everything that's going on there can also cause us to appear much fuller around certain areas than we actually are (like shoulders or waist). Instead, opt for a pale pattern which is more subtle and easy on the eye - by far a much more flattering choice!


Large Squares

If you want to avoid looking bigger around the hips, it might be a good idea to avoid wearing clothes with large squares or a large chequered pattern. As an alternative you should choose plain colours, neutral prints or if you must go with squares, opt for small ones that are going to be more subtle and less overwhelming!


Horizontal Prints

Many horizontal prints can give the illusion that we're shorter and wider than we are, which is why they should be avoided when possible. Instead, opt for anything with vertical stripes as they will elongate your body and give an illusion of height as well as a much slimmer appearance!

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Boat Necklines

Sometimes boat necklines can cause us to appear more top-heavy than we actually are, simply due to the shape they give us around our shoulders. As an alternative you should choose a V-neck for a bit of elegance and sophistication. Plunge necklines are also a great option if you want to show a little cleavage!


Large Patterns

Patterns or prints on a larger scale can sometimes give the illusion that we're heavier and wider than we actually are. To avoid this, opt for anything with a sharp neckline which will make you appear taller and slimmer as well as shoes in a similar colour to your skin tone!

Which of these fashion mistakes can you admit to being guilty of? 😱 😱

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