7 Amazing Tips for Accessorizing Your Body Shape ...


7 Amazing Tips for Accessorizing Your Body Shape ...
7 Amazing Tips for Accessorizing Your Body Shape ...

How to accessorize body shape and look absolutely perfect despite all those tiny flaws all women stress about so much? Well, believe it or not, that’s entirely possible and all you need to have in mind are a few basic, yet interesting accessorizing tips! Interested? Well, here’s how to accessorize your body shape in the best way:

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Big Bags VS. Small Bags

In order to accessorize body shape like a pro you will need to acknowledge the power of accessories! Let’s take bags, for example- now did you know that choosing the wrong size bag can be just as bad as choosing the wrong cut or print of your clothes? Yup, I’m talking about proportion and balance! And style experts think that petite women should choose small to medium sized bags rather than their oversized alternatives while curvier gals need to stay away from anything tiny and opt for larger pieces.


Wide Belts VS. Narrow Belts

Narrow belts are super hot and the same could be said for their wider cousins! But which ones should you opt for? Well, that’s where my tips on how to accessorize come in! You see, your choice of a belt should depend on the length of your torso and overall height which means that taller ladies or ladies with longer torsos could benefit from wider belts just as sure as shorter ladies or ladies with shorter torsos look best with a narrow belt.


Location, Location, Location

Belting a loose-fitting garment is always a fun, interesting way to give it shape so my next accessorizing tip would be to always make sure you’re getting the most out of your belt- «the most», of course, being the appearance of a slimmer waist. If you have an apple body shape (which means that the most of your weight is concentrated in the torso), your tunic will look best if you belt it right under your bra and create a sort of a high waist. Square-shaped ladies such as myself, need to wear their belts on their natural waistline because this makes the body look curvier while the ladies with natural curves need to find the narrowest part of their waist to point out.


Interesting Details and Remarkable Features

When trying to accessorize body shape you must focus on all those advantages you want to point out and literally invest all of your strength into choosing pieces that will make all of your wonderful features pop! Proud of your gorgeous arms? Point them out by adding a flattering bracelet and a statement ring! Love your narrow waist? Accent it with a trendy belt! Gorgeous eyes? Pick a top that makes them stand out! It’s actually quite simple once you get used to it and it’s very encouraging because you literally have to stand in front of a mirror and say, «I love this and I want to bring it out» instead of «I hate this and I want to hide it».


Heels, Flats and All Things in between

Want more interesting accessorizing tips? Well, let’s talk about girl’s best friends – shoes! Avoid wide ankle straps as they will make your legs seem shorter (which isn’t something you want – I’m sure) and, in case you’re petite do the same with chunky, geometric platforms and fluffy boots! Heavier ladies can afford to go a bit crazy in their choice of shoes but that, unfortunately, excludes everyone with a pear shaped body as it adds unneeded volume to the already voluminous area. Simple styles such as classic pumps, simple ballet flats and smooth leather boots without any details will slim you down and make you look taller and that’s something you must have in mind when choosing your footwear.


Popular Fashion and Body Shapes

There are ways to accessorize body shape and keep up with the latest trends! Let’s talk epaulettes and shoulder pads, for example! Now these are just perfect for a pear body shape because they will allow you to give your shoulders some width and attention! And how about peplum details? Well, let me just tell you this – a peplum detail at the waist of a skirt or a feminine, retroish peplum blazer will certainly make your hips seem more voluptuous and your waist super slim!


Jewelry and Body Shapes

Jewelry is a perfect way to accessorize a body shape…if you know which pieces to go for and which ones to stay away from, of course! Don’t worry though, as it’s actually pretty simple! Did you for example know that chunky, eye-catching earrings worn with a nice, flattering neckline could make your bust appear larger? Yup- it’s amazing! Now, in case you’re experiencing a totally different problem and have a large bust you’d like to «tone down» there’s an accessorizing tip to remember – say «YES» to ultra popular long pendant necklaces and stay away from chunky short pieces that add volume to the problematic area!

And remember my ladies – there is no such this as a bad body shape, just wrong ways to accessorize body shape! So enjoy your body, love it and keep your mind open for new tips on how to accessorize like a pro!

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I don't see no. 4. :(

Whoa, that dress on the first picture is adorable! I wish I knew who made it :/

Hello i enjoyed the topic very much. but would u pls suggest anything for obese ones. what kind of cloth they should choose or what kind of shoes they should buy etc?

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