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7 Awesome Websites That Sell Affordable Summer Clothing ...

By Eliza

It’s time to revamp your wardrobe now that the summer is here and the weather is warming up. That doesn’t mean you have a ton of cash to fund it though. I’m in the same boat! You can shop for trendy and affordable clothing that you can wear this summer without having to spend a month’s pay on it. Shop at these sites and you’ll be turning heads with cash left in your wallet. What more could a girl ask for?


My old standby! This site sells all the latest trends for low prices. In fact, if you join their mailing list, you’ll get notice of all their best sales. I’m talking $3 tanks and $15 dresses, ladies. You can also shop for your man and your kids all in one place. And if you need a swimsuit this year, is the place to buy it.


This site has everything you need to round out your summer wardrobe. Whether you need a cute new maxi dress or some adorable shorts, you’ll find it here. There are also a plethora of shoes, skirts and accessories that will make you the best dressed girl anywhere you go this summer.


If you’ve never been inside a Forever 21 store, you are totally missing out. This store has the latest and the greatest when it comes to pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes and accessories. You can even find formal wear and swimwear here. Don’t have one near you? Head to the website for all the same great deals you’d find at the mall.


This place always has a sale going on. Much of the time it’s a buy one, get one half off sale. Who doesn’t want great clothes while also saving money? You’ll only find clothing for women at this site so there won’t be any slogging through junk you’d never wear to find what you want.


Here’s another place that has some awesome sales and you can almost always save some cash shopping at their online store. Whether you’re looking for cute t-shirts to wear with your summer shorts and skirts or cute jewelry to make your look polished and lovely, this site can help. You can also buy perfume and cosmetics at Rue 21 so it’s the perfect one stop shop for all your summer needs.


The clothes here aren’t going to last you for years and years, but they are so cheap that you can buy them for a summer or two. By the time they wear out, they’ll probably be out of style anyway. Anything you want or need is here, including sundresses, shorts and sandals.


This site sells clothes for both men and women so you can complete your own and your man’s summer closet at the same time. It’s also great if you waited until the last minute to find a dress for your friend’s wedding because most orders ship within 24 hours. Perfect!

Where do you buy your summer clothes? I hope these sites help you find some awesome clothes this year. Have fun!

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