How to Stay Stylish but Cool at the Office This Summer ...


Isn’t office style such a pain in the summer? You want to look but you also don’t want to melt during your commute. If you find it hard to stay stylish in the workplace during the summer, this list is sure to give you some pointers and tips for your most fashionable summer at the office yet!

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Wear Dresses

Wear Dresses Dresses are the easiest way to stay stylish but cool during the summer, whether you’re at the office or not. They have more flow than the often-worn pants do, meaning that if you’re wearing a dress, you’re much more likely to stay cool. Plus, dresses can easily be dressed up or down, meaning that it’s much easier to wear them out of the office than your regular wardrobe probably is.


Find a Chic Pair of Shorts

Find a Chic Pair of Shorts I know, I know. You probably don’t consider shorts to be typical office wardrobe, right? I didn’t either, until I did some digging. You’d be surprised just how easily a chic pair of shorts can be worn around the office. Find a pair that’s tailored at the waist but a little looser around your legs, maybe even with some scalloped trim. The result will not only look chic, but will help you stay cool in the summer!


Study the Dress Code

Study the Dress Code That being said, you must make sure that your workplace doesn’t have a dress code. If they do, study it well before you make any big decisions regarding your clothes. For example, you may not even be allowed to wear shorts to work. If you don’t have a dress code, though, that doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to wear whatever you want. Remember to stay within reason!


Try to Keep Things Tailored

Try to Keep Things Tailored When you’re dressing for the workplace in the summer, it can be easy to reach for baggy tops and outfits that seem a little more breathable. You’d be surprised, though, to learn that wearing outfits that are more tailored to your body are actually going to help keep you cool. If you wear clothes that don’t necessarily fit properly, bring them into a tailor. You’ll notice an immediate difference in how cool you stay at work.


Stay Away from Layers

Stay Away from Layers It should seem obvious, but make it a point to stay away from layers in the summer. It can be easy to throw on a blazer when you’re in a rush in the summer to add a little style to your outfit, but just put them all in the closet and leave them there until fall. They’ll only make you sweat, and that definitely doesn’t look stylish!


Avoid Beachwear

Avoid Beachwear Summer is all about beachwear, but not at the office. Even on the hottest days, stay away from pieces you would wear to the beach, whether those are sundresses or flip-flops. No matter what the piece, if you would wear it to the beach, don’t wear it to work.


If You’re Worried, Don’t Wear It

If You’re Worried, Don’t Wear It As is usually the case with a work wardrobe, regardless of what season it is, if you’re worried that it might be too risqué for the workplace, or it might contradict the dress code, don’t wear it. If you second-guess yourself when you put it on, change your outfit. It’s really that simple.

What are your tips and tricks for staying cool yet professional in the office? Let me know what rules you live by in the comments!

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I agree with Terry.

@Megan. Ikr

Not a fan of two and three, rest are pretty

Good ideas there. I tend to wear what is comfortable and work appropriate simples

Office jobs are way too boring for me, but some of these could be date or interview looks.

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