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24 Crop Tops for Your Cutest Summer Style Yet ...

By Teresa

If you love the look of crop tops but don't know where to start, it can be pretty overwhelming to find a crop top that you absolutely love. If you want to wear a crop top but need some style inspiration, this list will definitely help you come up with your cutest summer style ever!

1 Crop Tops and Overalls

Crop Tops and Overalls Source: Get this look for $37+
Overalls are back this year, especially when paired with crop tops!

2 All Black

All Black Source: 30 Chic Summer Outfit Ideas
Don't you just love this chic, all-black look?

3 Go for a High Neck

Go for a High Neck Source: Free People High Neck Crop
High neck tops are so in style this summer, especially when they're crop tops!

4 Scalloped Edges

Scalloped Edges Source: Black Two-Piece Bodycon Dress
This sleek outfit is made even cuter with these scalloped edges on the crop top!

5 Wear Your Emoji on Your Sleeve

Wear Your Emoji on Your Sleeve Source: 19 Perfect Gifts To Buy
Wear your favorite emoji with this cute crop top!

6 Midi Skirt and Crop Top

Midi Skirt and Crop Top Source: Style Guide: How to wear
This midi skirt instantly adds a feminine touch to this simple crop top.

7 Jennifer Lawrence's Chic Look

Jennifer Lawrence's Chic Look Source: Celebrity Fashion - On &
This crop top is definitely one of J.Law's most iconic looks!

8 Go Casual

Go Casual Source: BDG Seamed High-Rise Jean
Pair a loose crop top with a pair of skinny jeans for a great, casual look.

9 Sheer Stripes

Sheer Stripes Source: Sheer Striped Cropped Top
Don't you love these sheer stripes on this crop top?

10 Crop Top Cover up

Crop Top Cover up Source: Lace Off-Shoulder Crop Top
Wear a crop top as a cover up for a stylish look on the beach this summer!

11 Retro Glam Crop Top

Retro Glam Crop Top Source: Schoolwear Solutions for Young Fashionlistas
These sleeves of this crop top just seem so retro to me, and so cute!

12 Boho Crop Top

Boho Crop Top Source: Etsy :: Your place to
The lace detail on this crop top adds the perfect boho touch!

13 Simple Crop Top with Statement Pieces

Simple Crop Top with Statement Pieces Source: Keepsake Divide Light Grey Floral
At first glance, this crop top looks simple, but the bright skirt and shoes add the perfect color accents!

14 Festival Ready

Festival Ready Source: Crochet :: Swimwear World Swimwear
This is definitely a look to rock at a music festival this summer!

15 Neon Crop Top

Neon Crop Top Source:
This crop top could easily be dressed up or down depending on the shorts you wear with it!

16 Be Different

Be Different Source: Corded (Native Fox)
Have you ever seen a crop top so unique? I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed!

17 Simple with Floral

Simple with Floral Source: 20 Style Tips On How
If you have a simple crop top but nothing to wear it with, try finding a crazy patterned pair of shorts!

18 Lace Crop Top

Lace Crop Top Source:
This lace crop top is so chic, it looks like it came off the runway!

19 Fun Cutouts

Fun Cutouts Source: Body chain w/ crystal pendant
Cutouts are such a cute addition to any crop top!

20 Stripes and White

Stripes and White Source: Eye-catching and yet simple clothes
Everything about this outfit, from the crop top to the shorts, is so stylish for this summer!

21 Deep V Crop Top

Deep V Crop Top Source: 50 Cute Winter - Spring
It's not every day that you see a deep v in a crop top, and this deep v crop top is so in style right now. I'm in love!

22 Grunge Twist

Grunge Twist Source: 20 Style Tips On How
Pair your crop top with flannel for a grunge twist!

23 Turn It into a Matching Set

Turn It into a Matching Set Source: Spring - Shop for Spring
Pair your crop top with a pair of matching shorts for an incredible look like this one!

24 Floral Print

Floral Print Source: Beginning Boutique Online Fashion Store
I'm beyond obsessed with this floral print crop top!

What's your favorite crop top on this list? Will you wear any of these this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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