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Heres How to Wear This Summers Gingham Trend ...

By Jennifer

It's so fresh and pretty and sweet, why not add a little gingham to your summer wardrobe? If you're not sure how to try the trend, here are a few ideas.

Table of contents:

  1. Cuffs & collar under a cardi
  2. Black gingham & olive khakis
  3. With animal print
  4. Navy check with a pop of yellow
  5. A twinset, of sorts
  6. Tucked into skinnies
  7. Midi skirt and crop top
  8. Pink gingham heels
  9. With a full skirt
  10. Under a cute jacket
  11. So much going on! but so cute!
  12. With your bestie
  13. Floral blouse with gingham pants
  14. With white skinnies
  15. A one-piece suitie
  16. With a graphic top
  17. A sweet coat for your little one
  18. Ruffled dress
  19. Another dress!
  20. Blue & rust
  21. Wow suit
  22. Gingham print shorts
  23. Coat
  24. Steal taylor's style
  25. Best-ever shoes
  26. Preppy style
  27. Monochrome
  28. Tucked in with a bright belt
  29. Shirt-dress
  30. A pretty check even though it's not gingham
  31. Retro suitie
  32. Sweet 2-piece
  33. Pants & crop top
  34. Channel the '50s
  35. With a biker leather
  36. Short dress
  37. Peplum top
  38. Tied at the waist
  39. Sheer

1 Cuffs & Collar under a Cardi

Source: Extra Petite Petite Fashion, Style

2 Black Gingham & Olive Khakis

Source: Black Gingham and Olive Khakis

3 With Animal Print

Source: Extra Petite Petite Fashion, Style

4 Navy Check with a Pop of Yellow

Source: Sunday Brunch Style

5 A Twinset, of Sorts

Source: The Hottest Fashion Week Trends

6 Tucked into Skinnies

Source: Lilly Style

7 Midi Skirt and Crop Top

Source: Haute and Rebellious Blog: SANDY

8 Pink Gingham Heels

Source: Street Chic: New York Fashion

9 With a Full Skirt

Source: Back to classics: gingham +

10 Under a Cute Jacket

Source: Give Me Some Lip

11 So Much Going on! but so Cute!

Source: s e e r s

12 With Your Bestie

Source: The Best Style Advice for

13 Floral Blouse with Gingham Pants

Source: Flower Power! 8 Ways That

14 With White Skinnies

Source: Three Outfits + Errand Running

15 A One-piece Suitie


16 With a Graphic Top

Source: What's Your (Street Style) Type

17 A Sweet Coat for Your Little One

Source: Aesthetic Nest: Sewing: Scarlett's Christmas

18 Ruffled Dress

Source: Sequins and Things: college football

19 Another Dress!


20 Blue & Rust

Source: Riviera Chic

21 Wow Suit

Source: Black And White Gingham Sophisticated

22 Gingham Print Shorts

Source: Convey The Moment - Fashion

23 Coat

Source: Street Style: Paris Fashion Week

24 Steal Taylor's Style

Source: 80 Reasons Why Taylor Swift

25 Best-ever Shoes

Source: Vitrines en fleurs

26 Preppy Style

Source: Today's Everyday Fashion: Lace Up

27 Monochrome


28 Tucked in with a Bright Belt

Source: Extra Petite Petite Fashion, Style

29 Shirt-dress

Source: College Prep: Gingham Shirtdress

30 A Pretty Check Even Though It's Not Gingham

31 Retro Suitie

Source: Fashion Womens Wide Large Brim

32 Sweet 2-piece


33 Pants & Crop Top

Source: Trend Report: Gingham

34 Channel the '50s

Source: Gingham Girl: 21 Cool Ways

35 With a Biker Leather

Source: The Black Leather Jacket –

36 Short Dress

Source: Impossibly Imperfect

37 Peplum Top

Source: DIY Gingham Top Tutorial

38 Tied at the Waist

Source: Kayce Hughes Pears and Bears

39 Sheer

Source: Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2015

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