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7 Beautiful Lingerie Pieces for Petite Women ...

By Elizabeth

Lately, I have found myself shopping for lingerie pieces for petite women - not for me, since I'm more on the plus side myself, but for my little sister. We are night and day different! Curvy, plus size ladies like myself, tend to think that we are the only ones with problems when it comes to lingerie shopping, but little women have it just as hard. In finding out cute lingerie pieces for my little sister in preparation for her bridal trousseau, here are 7 beautiful pieces for petite women that you might enjoy!

1 Cat's Meow Bralette

Cat's Meow

This sweet bralette is adorable! If you have smaller breasts, this would be a great choice for you! This cute bra comes with matching panties too! Put them on, throw on a cute, comfortable robe, and you're ready to impress someone special! Someone will certainly be purring with delight!

2 Balconet Demi Bra

Balconet Demi

I fell in love with this set! I'm just upset that I can't wear something like this! Demi bras are perfect for petite women who have larger breasts.

3 Lace Full Coverage (Petite) Bra

Lace Full Coverage (Petite)

Petite bras are bras that are (obviously) made specifically for petite women. The cups are closer together and they have shorter straps. This lace bra is particularly adorable. It's always nice to wear great lingerie all the time. It makes you feel sexy and you just carry yourself so much better!

4 Lace Halter Babydoll

Lace Halter

When you are petite, you want to give the illusion of longer legs. To do this, choose pieces that have slits up the sides of the legs. This particular babydoll is gorgeous! I love the plunging neckline as well, don't you?

5 Racy Lacey Teddy

Racy Lacey

If you are into something a bit more daring, try this lacey teddy from Spencer's. This will lengthen your torso and will showcase your booty with its thong back. Aren't the little cut-outs and bows darling?

6 Georgette Cami


If you are petite, I say "Flaunt it!" This is a perfect, darling little set, isn't it? And nothing says "racy" like red, does it? You will be so adorable and if you look good, you'll feel good! And if you feel good, you will perform good and pleasurable! (Get my drift?)

7 Liona Lace Bra and Skong

Liona Lace Bra and

Ah! Is this not gorgeous? Flatter your bustline and show off your booty all in one, cute little set! I love retro inspired clothing, and that is no exception with this beautiful set. In my personal opinion, lace anything is wonderful, but this takes the cake! This will work well for a woman in a petite body. Make sure to shake those hips and work that lace thong, huh?

Petite ladies can easily dress their body if they know how to shop, just the same as us curvy ones. Hopefully, these beautiful lingerie pieces for petite women will set you on the right path. The biggest thing to remember is to try things on. Don't be afraid to go through several pieces to find the ones that suits your, unique body the very best. So what about it? Where is your favorite place to buy petite lingerie? Did you like any of the ones in my list? I would be ever so happy to read your comments! Have a fabulous day, ladies!

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