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Have you ever thought of reasons not to wear a thong? It seems like we’re always encouraged to wear one since we all want to avoid the dreaded VPL or visible panty line, but is it the only way to go? I’m not anti-thong by any means, but I wanted to share some of the reasons many women decide against wearing the illustrious thong. If you’re a die-hard thong fan, check out some of the reasons not to wear a thong and let us know what you think!

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One of the top reasons not to wear a thong for many women is due to the risk of infection. According to Adelaide Nardone OB-GYN, the thong acts as a connector and it can create a free ride for bacteria from your perineum to your vagina causing a yeast infection. Nardone also adds that thongs tend to rub, which can cause tiny tears in your vagina as well.


Lack of Protection

Another common reason medical professionals advise against frequent thong wear is the lack of protection the teeny weeny thong provides. Dr. Harlan Wichelhaus, an obstetrician and gynecologist from the Specialty Obstetrics Gynecology and Fertility Department in Texas City, states that frequent thong wear can cause lacerations of the anus and hemorrhoids. In addition, Wichelhaus says that thongs can cut off circulation to the vaginal area!


Clear Visibility

While many ladies prefer to bypass a visible panty line, thongs can make things a little too visible at times. If you’re wearing sheer pants, low-rise pants or a sheer or short skirt, you can end up showing off a lot more than you intended! A strong gust of wind and your cheeks can be on full display. Sheer pants with the wrong thong can put your bum on display more than VPL would!


Not Foolproof

Many believe that wearing a thong guarantees a seamless backside, but that’s not always the case. Even the most well-meaning thong can still show lines. While it’s less likely you’ll get the bulky look of panties, ill-fitting thongs can still create their own panty line as well as create an unsightly bulge around the stomach and reveal itself at the waistline.


Riding up

Wearing a thong also does not guarantee that your undies won’t ride up on you. While a lot of this might have to do with the type of thong underwear you wear, thongs can ride up just like other types of underwear. Whether they’re sliding or riding up your jeans or bum, numerous women feel that thongs can still be just as uncomfortable as other types of underwear. The bottom line is, thongs are not wedgie-free!



Another common complaint amongst women who don’t prefer thong underwear is that thongs can irritate sensitive skin down there. Again, this won’t be the case for all women. Some women find that thongs are the most comfy, but for some, thongs can irritate the vaginal area. If you have hemorrhoids or already have an infection, thongs are definitely to be avoided at all costs!



The last reason to not to wear a thong has to do with working out. When we’re working out, we obviously move around a lot and get hot and sweaty. All of that moisture and friction combined with wearing a thong can be a breeding ground for bacteria! Always wear cotton undies when working out and switching to seamless panties might be a better option when you’re working out!

So what do you think, ladies? I think there are both good reasons for wearing and not wearing thongs, but would you ever change your mind about wearing thong underwear?
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No seamless panties are ever actually seamless,

It so obvious when most women are weRing a thong especially with light colored or tight clothes. It looks gross. Would you want to see a guy’s jock strap outline/or through his pants? No thanks!

They r good in occasion

Try wearing seamless panties. :)

There are certain thongs that can provide good coverage in needed areas and of you are a clean person who cleans themselves daily there shouldn't be a nasty problem I've never had them

I can't wear thongs I wear them on occasion but I have to have comfy kind there are seamless that I prefer to wear and I'm sorry but 89% off the time the guy can tell so I believe a majority wear them knowing a guy can see them to b all sexy! N plz stop wearing them w white or thin clothing!!!

Thank you so much got to think twice before wearing a thong

I love thongs they make my bums sexy

I wish I could wear thongs, but don't for some of the reasons pointed out in this article.

I love my thongs but they have a time and a place... I would never go horseback riding or work out in one.

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