7 Beautiful Summer Maternity Dresses That'll Keep You and Your Baby Happy ...

By Sugar

When shopping for a summer maternity dress there are so many things to keep in mind. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, fashionable, and beautiful during their pregnancy, and during the summer heat, accomplishing all that can seem almost impossible. Within this carefully compiled list I am sure you will have a much better idea of what you a looking for in a summer maternity dress. So stay cool and enjoy your summer with baby!

1 Gap Maternity Black Wrap Dress

Gap Maternity Black Wrap Dress No matter what your shape and size, black is always without a doubt very sexy. So for a summer maternity dress, there’s no reason why you can’t be pregnant and still feel amazingly sexy. Although there can unfortunately be plenty of complications to a woman’s body as a result of being pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily have to come through in your wardrobe. This classic wrap dress style from the Gap saves your wallet and your belly bump, and you can even wear it throughout your pregnancy since the fabric stretches and forms to you and your baby’s own natural, beautiful shape.

2 A Pea in the Pod Spaghetti Strap Beaded Detail Maternity Maxi Dress

A Pea in the Pod Spaghetti Strap Beaded Detail Maternity Maxi Dress Oh la la! I love this summer maternity dress for the hot weather because it keeps you cool during the numerous heat waves and allows you to show some skin while still feeling somewhat covered. This creamy strawberry color is perfect for this season and the maxi-dress length is anything by overwhelming when you consider the unique beaded detail. It’s important not to physically smother your baby but wear super tight clothes that are hard for you both to breathe in. This summer maternity dress is a perfect example of what you should look for when shopping for something totally comfortable and equally fashionable.

3 Merona Maternity One-Shoulder Rosette Dress at Target

Merona Maternity One-Shoulder Rosette Dress at Target One of the biggest downsides of having kids is that they do end up costing A LOT of money. But no one can argue that they are totally worth it! Nevertheless spending money on clothing that you will only wear for 9 months, depending on how many kids you have, doesn’t quite make sense, especially if you are really trying to save for when baby comes along. So do yourself a favor and check out this bargain dress at Target for only $33. And in the meantime while you’re there you can check out Target’s awesome sales for children and babies. I love department stores when shopping for the whole family because they really do include everyone, in savings and storewide stock.

4 ASOS Maternity Exclusive Swing Dress with Floral Applique and Cap Sleeve

ASOS Maternity Exclusive Swing Dress with Floral Applique and Cap Sleeve ASOS is an online maternity brand based out of London and their dresses are so adorable I would definitely wear them long after you give birth, simply because of how they are constructed. A t-shirt dress is perfect for all shapes and sizes and it disguises and accentuates all the areas you want it to. This particular one is a dressy, fancier take on the ole t-shirt dress. Black and white is always classy and you’ll look stunning at any formal affair you may be planning on attending, with a pair of shiny black patent leather flats.

5 Isabella Oliver Marie Sequin Maternity Dress

Isabella Oliver Marie Sequin Maternity Dress This is another great summer maternity dress if you do happen to be attending a formal occasion while you are pregnant. I know it is on the more expensive side but the fabric and quality of the dress cannot be beat. However there are many styles on the market like this one right now, and similar, less expensive imitations can be found at Kohl's and JCPenney. The unique color brightens up that terrible greenish glow some women get in the early stages of pregnancy due to morning sickness, and the sequins are just divine!

6 Old Navy Maternity Striped Halter Maxi Dresses

Old Navy Maternity Striped Halter Maxi Dresses Don’t think you can be the belle of the ball in stripes? You sure can, although most people think that stripes have the tendency to make them look bigger (this is true in some cases), it doesn’t mean this happens for everyone. Especially in a summer maternity dress like this one, stripes don’t have that unflattering effect in fact a scrunched halter top like this one is perfect for summer. So feel free to enjoy the sun and summer, both you and baby will be more than comfortable in this becoming maxi halter dress, from guess where…Old Navy! And it’s a steal at $35 on the clearance rack.

7 Tiffany Rose Maternity Ivory Short Flutter Bridal Dress

Tiffany Rose Maternity Ivory Short Flutter Bridal Dress Life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan it, and I’m sure there will be many occasions this summer when women will be walking down the aisle to get married - with baby. Whether you want to hide it or not, I like this dress for a wedding and summer maternity dress because it’s breathable in the heat and it keeps things under wraps if that is your intention. It’s short and simple but lacey and elegant, and it’s reasonably priced as far as wedding dresses go overall. There’s no reason why you and baby can’t look beautiful on your special day.

Is there a specific style or trend this season that you love for summer maternity dresses? Is there a particular dress you think should be added to this list? What makes a maternity dress flattering? Please share your thoughts!

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