7 Ways to Wear Red and Sizzle Your Way in to This Summer ...


7 Ways to Wear Red and Sizzle Your Way in to This Summer ...
7 Ways to Wear Red and Sizzle Your Way in to This Summer ...

I like to think there are plenty of ways to wear red, but believe it or not I’m always trying to figure out how to add it to my daily outfits, especially in the summer. Red is one of my favorite colors and if I had enough red clothes I would wear it every day of the year. Although I recently went on several clothing shopping sprees this summer, I’m convinced red is the fault-proof color of the season. And you don’t have to only wear it in a shirt or bottom. There are many fun ways to wear red, so here they are!

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Nail Polish

Va va va voom - red nail polish! How can you go wrong? I think women of all ages can rock red nail polish and it’s a great way to incorporate red into your outfit this summer. Personally I think an all-white pants suit with some fiery red nail polish is one of the best ways to wear red this summer. Overall it’s classy but fun and sexy at the same time, and if you’re feeling adventurous I wouldn’t hesitate to wear something like that to an upscale barbecue or even a fancy interview or meeting



Oh boy, can I suggest the 50 shades of red lipstick? Lipstick is an absolute necessity when you’re thinking of ways to wear red. Whether you’re going for a Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie look, bright red lipstick may just be that “it” factor you’ve been looking for to spice up your outfit this summer. I think red lipstick can be paired with almost any outfit or color palette. But be careful not to mix too much bright red together, not because you might look silly but because you may end up look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer with all that red makeup.



When asked about which ways to wear red men love best on women, many boyfriends defaulted to the coveted red dress. Red is pretty much in the same category as the little black dress when it comes to elegant date dresses that never go out of style. Sporting a red dress this summer just might snag that guy you've been eyeing for months. The great thing about red is that is highlights what you like about your body and disguises what you don’t. It’s one of those magical colors, similar to black that works for all shapes and sizes while still making you look as classy as ever.


Sun Hat

Would this be an article about ways to wear red this summer without including the red sun hat? My answer to that is that question is simply that no, it wouldn’t! I love sun hats when traveling; a great thing about living in the northeastern United States is that are summers are mild. But when I travel overseas, in particular to Europe and the Middle East, I’m always scouring for fashionable ways to stay cool. Since red is a splendid color for summer, why not grab one of those floppy sun hats and sit by the pool.



Another reason why I love red is that is can be paired with anything - and I mean anything - no matter what it is, and it can be added to any accessory. That is why I dare to venture over into unmarked territory, and make some recommendations when it comes to ways to wear red-on sunglasses. I love the colored Ray Bans sunglasses for summer which have jet black lenses but a solid bright red frame. They also have a variety of other colors like blue, pink, yellow, and teal, if red is just simply not your thing.



One word: Baywatch! By far one of the best ways to wear red this summer is with a sexy little red bikini. Or if you are feeling like paying a very loud and proud tribute to the hit 80s television show, sport a throwback one piece. Looking like an in shape lifeguard does have some benefits, so who will you be saving this summer? Don’t forget your sassy red swimsuit when you’re on your way to the shore!


Bangle Bracelets

So I’ve heard Bollywood has made a big comeback this summer. But if you’re like me who has adored Desi fashion all along, feel free to whip out one of your many bright red and gold bangle bracelets. And don’t just limit yourself to bangles when you’re indoors - there’s no reason why you can’t go swimming with a few red bangles or at least tan out by the pool. I see Victoria’s Secret catalog models wearing bangles on sexy, tropical beaches all the time.

Enjoy your summer by trying out these many ways to wear red! Some people are really particular with which colors they can and cannot wear. People think black with disguise those extra curves and white will show off your newly chiseled legs. But red is where it’s at! Do you agree that red is a hot color for summer 2013? What is your favorite color to wear in the summer? Please share your thoughts and outfit ideas!

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Red is my always colour!

Gorgeous !!!

Love this page. Because it has to do with my favorite color red and also the I Dian style on no.7 amazing!!

Just read another article on here telling us how men hate red lipstick.. lol

Red nails go with All the outfit unless u wearing neon color

Awesome! I usually avoid red in the summer ( it's a Christmas thing for me I think) but I'm in love with that swimsuit and have been sporting red lips lately! Love love l

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