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7 Beauty and Style Trends That Guys Hate ...

By Gillian

Guys can be SO picky and probably have a long list called 'trends that guys hate.' Don’t fret though; if you love it then wear it! Of course, listen to their opinion, but sometimes they just don’t know what’s up! Right ladies? So although this is a list of trends that guys hate, go ahead and rock it if you love it.

1 Bright Lips

Bright LipsTrends that guys hate can actually go on for a while, but I have heard this is a big no-no from my guy friends. Guys want to see that your lips are kissable. I think it’s as simple as that. If they go in for a kiss and then have red lipstick all over their face, they don’t like it. Trust me! My boyfriend would rather I go for the natural look.

2 Maxi Dresses

Maxi DressesSometimes a maxi dress can be shapeless and make us look a little frumpy. Guys like to see curves and the natural movement of our bodies. Oh yeah, and legs! Once we cover up our boobs and legs, let's be honest, they get upset. Regardless of our facial beauty (ha!) they still love to see more of us.

3 Top Sock Buns

Top Sock BunsI don’t know what guys are thinking, but I love this. They get thrown off with thinking there is actually a sock in your hair (which sometimes there is) and it has a 1950’s vibe that they are just not feeling. Guys like long hair and even pony tails, but once it gets pulled up they are just not loving it.

4 Uggs

UggsMy boyfriend HATES these… with a passion. Although I don’t own a pair, every time a girl walks past with them on, he cringes. He says they look like elephant feet and just make the leg look frumpy. I have to agree! I really don’t see a lot that is flattering about these, but hey, they ARE warm, right?

5 Ombre

OmbreI don’t know what it is about this trend, but it really throws guys off. They don’t like the look of you not taking care of your roots. Sometimes guys can get used to the more highlighted look of ombre, but I think it’s more of the strong line between the dark and light. Most guys I have spoken to says it looks cheap and ugly! Guess I better dye over mine…

6 Bold Eyebrows

Bold EyebrowsGuys like feminine girls, not girls with eyebrows that are bigger than theirs. They also like the look of a lady who has taken care of herself, and tweezing falls under that category! Although this trend is big in the fashion world, maybe don’t bring it to the real world.

7 Bright Hair Color

Bright Hair ColorThis really really throws guys' eyes off. The look can be a little punky, but once you put on a nice classy dress, it doesn’t work. Bright pink hair is a pet peeve of a lot of my guys friends as I think they just really don’t get it. Again, this comes back to guys liking the ‘natural’ look.

I know, I bet we can all say that we have tried at least 3 of the above trends. Whether my boyfriend hates it or not, I do still wear the bright lipstick and ombre! They get used to it ladies, especially if they know how much YOU like it! Which of the above trends can you not give up?

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