7 Flashy Trends That Won't Make You Look Tacky ...


7 Flashy Trends That Won't Make You Look Tacky ...
7 Flashy Trends That Won't Make You Look Tacky ...

Flashy trends are usually pretty hard to pull off, especially if you don’t even try to pretend that you like half of Rihanna’s or Rita Ora’s outfits regardless of how unique or fashion-forward they may be. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to give up a trend that speaks to you or that you can’t pull it off with class and less than a celebrity-worthy closet. Yup, flashy trends can look great even on us normal girls and these following few are definitely worth experimenting with:

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Baroque Baroque-inspired jacquard pieces most certainly are one of those flashy trends you may feel reluctant to try. I couldn’t blame you – the era in question was gaudy enough as it is, there’s no need to bring it back to life by dressing like vintage furniture! Think again, though – a pair of black cropped slacks or even a neutral but textured blazer can look really classy and help you inject a little dose of runway glam into your monochromatic, classic ensembles. You won’t even have to step out of your comfort zone and force yourself to experiment with colors because, hey, when it comes to freshening things up, textures work just as well as colors!



Metallics Metallic accessories and clothes are one of those things designers always reach for when they’re trying to reinvent fashion. But can we pull it off without looking like a Star Wars extra? Absolutely! Metallic pumps in silver, gold or pewter are always a worthy closet update although you can also choose to wear this trend on your nails only or look for appropriate jewelry. Go for a statement piece of clothing if you’re feeling brave, but do make sure it’s versatile enough for you to not only get the most use out of, but dress up or down depending on your needs. I’d shy away from total looks when metallics are involved, though!


Leather and Studs

Leather and Studs Rock chick outfits are the way to go this season as well as the previous one…and the previous one…and well, you get it! But how much is too much when leather, studs and skulls are involved? Well, it’s safe to say that, while you shouldn’t try to look like a Harley gang member, everything else is out there for you to experiment with. Aim for that perfect balance regardless of whether you’re going fierce or feminine, though, because it’s actually quite easy to go overboard with this look.



Chains Chains, chains, everywhere – from your hair to your neck, clothes and wrists! Chunky chain details may seem like an overkill at first, but that’s only until you’ve given them some serious consideration. Sleek metal looks fierce, it looks trendy but it also looks classy and will always work for you, regardless of the styles you tend to lean toward the most.


Blingy Necklaces

Blingy Necklaces Massive, glitzy necklaces have stolen the spotlight away from those cute collars, leaving many fashionistas of more delicate tastes wondering whether to skip the trend or find a way to own it. Well, in case you are thinking about giving it a try, let me just assure you that a carefully chosen massive piece of bling around your neck won’t make you look tacky at all. Opt for well-made, authentic-looking statement pieces to wear with unadorned tops or strapless dresses and you’ll discover how totally glam and useful this trend actually is.


80's and 90’s Fashion

80's and 90’s Fashion Fashion did hit a rough patch at this period and I still can’t quite understand the need for a comeback. But hey, funky clothes are back, regardless of what I may think of them and they aren’t all bad, either. Denim cutoffs, oversized tees, chunky jewelry, bad ass biker jackets as well as oversized blazers and coats are definitely a DO but do stay away from pointy bras and scrunchies.


Metal Belts

Metal Belts Still haven’t gotten your chance to rock a metal plate belt? Time to go for it, then! You see, as showy as this trend may seem, it actually is a pretty great way to add shine to your ensemble and make a few of those favorite staple pieces of yours seem just a bit more glamorous than usual. You won’t have to do a lot of color-coordinating in order for this belt to pop out either, which makes it a super useful piece to have in case your lifestyle requires you to go through a lot of day-to-evening outfit adjustments.

Which glitzy trends do you often catch yourself struggling with? I’ve had my worst experience with Baroque but I’m so not going to let a few badly constructed pieces get in my way of finding a perfect one.

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Nice article .. I do love me some cool scrunchies though

What's wrong with a pointy bra? They look great when incorporated into the right outfit.

Omg I would ever never wear that 80's top

Yes To The 80s Tops

I'm really wanting a leather jacket, they are so versatile (:

Love these styles awesome

Love it

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